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Because Gmod wasn't silly enough as it was. Because "too far" is never far enough. Because finding the most insane ways to cause harm to somebody is the greatest goal of man. Because we can. Because internet.
All of these are reasons as to why this happened. Of course, none of them are very good, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that these ponies will never know what hit them... Heck, even I'm not too sure...

I DO NOT OWN THIS MOD, ASDFMOVIE, OR GMOD!!!!! Cover art by the mod maker.
I did not put any ponies in the character selector because I'm going to include most--if not all--of them in the story. Plus none of them are much else besides helpless victims.

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This town used to be his home. Those ponies used to be his friends. That alicorn used to be his mother. That filly used to be his heart. Now everything is only a reminder that he was the one that did this.

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What happens when a group a murderous, bloodthirsty, low IQ wielding maniacs with magical horned pony hats and top shelf weaponry (kinda) all decide that they're each the prettiest unicorn to ever trot the face of the Earth? Do they talk it out and decide that true beauty is on the inside? Do they decide that they're all the prettiest in their own way? Do they- okay, you know what, we all know that these idiots are just going to end up killing each other. Let's just laugh at them while they do it.

Cover art from ponybot.net

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If you could read the past life of a stranger, would you? Would you read about what they didn't want anypony else to know?Would you really risk the trust of somepony that could be your friend? What if the journal isn't of a normal pony? Actually, not even a pony at all? Would you still read it? And if you did, how would you deal with it, if that stranger, that alien, is you?

Not actually my book in the picture.
I'm not sure if I should add the Dark tag to this, but if I need to I will.

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It's a normal day for Django. Ever since he's come to Equestria, his life has been improving. He's got friends, he's got a job, he's got a girl- err... marefriend, and he's happy.
His life has gotten boring.
He wants to spice things up. He wants to have fun again. So when a certain god of disharmony and chaos appears, he makes the best out of a bad situation.
But when he makes a bet that will alter him, not physically, but mentally and spiritually, he loses control. He may never be the same again, but his friends will try to make him see the light, and return to them.

First side story to The Interdimensional Field Trip. It is recommended that any readers first seek out that before reading this. You do not need to do so to understand this story, but you may not catch a lot of the references.

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Babs came in to town to spend some time away from her troubles at home. What she didn't know, was that there were even more troubles at Ponyville. When Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon corrupt her to the side of the bullies, she steals the float of Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. What she didn't know was that they had rigged it to drive straight in to the lake. But after Applejack tells them about what was happening back in Manehatten, they decide they can't go through with it, and try to save Babs from the wreck. But, they can't run that fast. Will they be able to save her?

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When somebody's life gets so dark, a light can sometimes open to make them smile. But sometimes, that light sucks the unsuspecting target into a different world and they're surrounded by colorful, talking ponies. What can this poor soul do to help his situation? Nothing, because he can't! But what if he comes to like his situation? Then good for him!

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Django is a young man in the prime of his life. He jokes, he plays, he smokes weed, he drinks, and he runs into problems with the law. When he and some of his friends get pulled into Equestria through a magical portal, he wants to get home. But as his friends know, he's a brony. This new world is perfect for him in every way imaginable, but he needs to get himself and his friends home. During his stay though, he starts getting to know a few of the locals and makes some new friends. This makes him question his desire to leave. Can he leave this great new world? Can he leave behind his new friends? Will he?

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