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What happens when a group a murderous, bloodthirsty, low IQ wielding maniacs with magical horned pony hats and top shelf weaponry (kinda) all decide that they're each the prettiest unicorn to ever trot the face of the Earth? Do they talk it out and decide that true beauty is on the inside? Do they decide that they're all the prettiest in their own way? Do they- okay, you know what, we all know that these idiots are just going to end up killing each other. Let's just laugh at them while they do it.

Cover art from ponybot.net

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What the... Tiny baby cowards... I do not know what to say...

you did what you thought was right and to be honest I think your the only prettiest pink unicorn here*boops nose*

This...was one of the funniest things I have read. I give it 13 :rainbowlaugh: 's out of 15.

4294529 Thank you, but as I learned from Pinkie, everypony is the best pony. We are all the prettiest pink unicorn in our own ways.
Oh, and also... *boops nose back*

4296444 I didn't expect anything from this, so thank you.
By the way I really liked the short on your channel. These are some of my favorite kind of stories to read regarding the whole HiE thing.

You're welcome.
And thanks.

Tf2 ponies. Now we know.

Came for the ponies. Stayed for the hats. Saxton/10

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