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After the banishment from his once beloved kingdom for being cursed, the Prince of Flames seeks out a new home to get by in his unfortunate life. From his cries for a better living, the “Original One” heeds his calls of distress by sending him to a new world entirely. On Equis, the prince will journey with new friends, battle powerful enemies, and fulfill the dream that he promised for his dying father.

“Forge a marvelous kingdom for us... One that would bring peace and harmony to all who are willing... and to those that wishes to inhabit it... Rule them with brilliance and wisdom, my son. They will surely need it... As do you...” - Lord Magmus

This was a dream to be king…

(Cover Image is created by all0412 of deviantART.)
(Other images presented will be mentioned in Author’s Notes.)

-Rated Teen for language and suggestive themes (No Clop! That's your job!)-

* My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/ created by Satoshi Tajiri *

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you drew my attention with the cover, sparked my curiosity with your well thought out description, lets see if you hooked me with that chapter :rainbowhuh:

i must say.....i doubted i could get this hooked in a 1600 word chapter.....well done :rainbowderp:

3513205 Thank you kindly good sir. Though I did feel like I needed further descriptions of certain layouts, but from your positive feedback, I believe I'm stepping in the right direction. Til the next chapter!

the way you opened it and set things into motion was well thought out so keep at it. dont keep us waiting

i wonder if he will eventually evolve into charizard....

3513281 In due time my friend... I don't like to reveal spoilers... yet:derpytongue2:

I don't get why everyone thinks Alicorns are gods, nothing lives forever

3513345 Neither do I my friend. Although to me, the concept of creatures that hold unimaginable power have a symbolic outlook of being gods. They may have god-like power, but they may or may not be gods. Depends how their fellow people view them... Take Palkia and Dialga for example.

Come one, Prince of Flames, show what u're made of....
And begin a Majestic Charizard

3514233 Don't you worry my friend... All will be revealed in due time :ajsmug:

3515859 Because, I want his Mega X evolution in the story. Or you will taste my Dragon Pulse(joking, of course)

3516027 Believe me when I say that evolution and mega-evolution is possible in the story. Just not yet...

3516045 mega charizard x or y?

3516112 Yeah...I didn't think about that:rainbowderp:

3516115 That's the magic of Equis...

3516119 this story seems interesting ive played too much pokemon lightly my level 100s kinda make me sad only my level 40 glaceon left so nothing else to do but read until the pokemon transfer comes out

Interesting start... wishing you the best of luck with this fic. Can't say I'm hooked, but I'm curious. Thanks for posting.

3519299 Thank you kind sir! And congratulations! You earn a :moustache:

Wow... I didn't realize my first ever story was going to be popular. It hasn't even been a week! :pinkiegasp:

Excellent so far, hope to see some darkness later on...

i wouldnt say popular.....yet. its good, it just hasnt had the opportunity to be seen by the bulk of the people on this site yet. if you keep the quality as good as the first chapter then i wont be surprised if it hits the top 10 soon.

remember, the key word is: yet

now, back to writing my fic

CONGRATULATIONS, AUTHOR OF THIS STORY! I, while browsing for more and more stories to add to the list of stories that I am stalking, discovered thy story in the POPULAR STORIES SECTION last night. Your story gained so much attention that it was almost featured. I am hooked onto your story and await future chapters. A few more chapters of this quality and you shall make the featured list for sure. I shall stalk your story, yet I shall not press the like button yet. I must see the first non-prologue first. I feel, however, that a moustache shall hold you over until then.


3525006 Thank you good sir. For that, I will add a reference in the second chapter. And you must figure it out when released tomorrow.


...Has brighten my day...a lot.

I...am...going to favorite this story so hard! Btw, I have a pokemon story of my own! You can I've it a to when your done if you like. The correct version is on here, but the full length one is on a different website.

Asnwer to the question=The legendarys of space and time,Dialga and Palkia :ajsmug:

Comment posted by ShadowCelebi deleted Apr 24th, 2014

Number one rule about comments like yours

They get down voted a LOT

this is a story I forgot existed

4281501 I have no clue... absolutely no clue whatsoever.

4281594 Nope! Only too busy to resume it.

So, we can all agree that the Venusaur in the story was THIS one, right?

Looks good so far keep up the good work. :rainbowdetermined2:

4 years since the last update me thinks it might be dead

If you update this, I will follow you.

Space/pearl: Palkia
Time/diamond: Dialga

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