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This story is a sequel to Discord Underground Talk Radio

Everypony knows that there is no such thing as a zombpony. And there is certainly no such thing as the alicorn prince of war who was banished to another planet for being too violent. And there is most definitely not an army of ponies on that other planet waging endless war against an army of undead. And there never was a group of four ponies that almost ended the war forever. That's all just a dumb story that Discord made up for his radio show.

Never the less, Discord tries his best to convince three fillies that it is all true. This is an account of all of these things, as told by Discord.

As one might expect, this story contains some morbid humor and a bit of violence. It does not, however, contain anything that is considered 'gore'.

Chapters (5)
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Writers block, updating my other stories, real life events, and other diversions have resulted me taking a very long time to update Discord Underground Talk Radio. I wanted to prove to everyone that I haven't abandoned that story, but I am in no position to actually update it just at the moment.

That is why I wrote this instead, since a number of people suggested that I do it. Hope you all enjoy!

You know, this hasn't received that many views right at the moment (I'm not sure that people are recognizing this for the satire it is), but a lot of people who are stopping by are giving it a like, nearly a like for every four views. Yet nobody has anything to say? Is it because nobody want's to be the first to say something when they can't even see the like count yet? Please don't let that stop you. Seriously, speak up people! I would love to see some feedback!


This is gonna be a good story, I can tell already. Letrsee who else you cast as heroes.

Trixie and bulk biceps? Interesting combo.

Sweetie drops the earth pony. Is the fourth going to be Crom himself?

I personally loved the story. You're hilariously spot on for writing Discord, as you always are, and the four Heroes are brilliant! I especially loved Sweetie Drops backstabbing the invisible liches. And Trixie dealing with the 'suicidal' lich. That was beautiful. Please keep writing!

It's short, it's stupid, and I loved every moment of it.

Thank you both. I'm pleased that you bumped me over the 10 likes I need for them to be visible. The invisibility fight thing was my favorite too. I wondered if I should have put it earlier in the story so as to grab people's attention, but I didn't want to play my best card right at the start and then have it go downhill from there. Anyway, I'm hoping people will see that this is worth their time now, lol...

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