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Not a brony. No really, I'm not. I'm just here to see what awesome stuff this crazy fandom puts out.


When Celestia first took her crown, she quickly realized that a few ponies were a little too eager to sing her praises.

Naturally, she tried to get them to calm down.

Over a thousand years later, she's still trying.

And then the other alicorns start getting cults of their own...

This is an April Fools Day story with some actual effort put into it.

Teen sex for talk of harems, and by extension, that sex exists.

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The coordination is over, and Twilight is now Equestria's sole ruler.

Too bad Celestia didn't mention a few minor problems that come with ruling Equestria, such as where the royal closet is located, certain laws that are incredibly stupid but must never be rescinded, and the curse that comes with the title of Ruler of Equestria.

Yeah... that last one's going to come back and bite someone.

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See that mess of a picture over there? It may be poorly made, but that's exactly what's happening right now. Yes, even the cookie dough. But the crazy part is that Discord can only be blamed for ONE part of this bizarre nightmare. This image is the result of a logical, if somewhat contrived, series of events.

So you might ask, what the buck am I looking at? Or maybe how the buck is any of this logical? Well, the first answer is yours for free, but the second is only available in the DLC. Please insert 6.99 imaginary dollars to continue.

Yes, this is a crappy April Fools day story.

Cover art made by me, to my everlasting shame, using a lot of stock images and a picture of Twilight with a rocket launcher by maximillianveers. Source link is to original image.

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Because one writer's scraps can inspire another's magnum opus. Not that this is likely to happen here...

But yeah, this is just a collection of my scraped and discarded rough drafts and ideas. As you can probably guess, these will in incomplete, unedited, and probably low quality. But then again, that's what you're here for, isn't it?

And yes, consider these free for adoption in the off chance someone is actually inspired.

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This story is a sequel to Undead Robot Bug Crusaders

(Same AU as URBC, but drastically different time period and story tone.)

Long ago, when the world was first created, the great Queen of Ponykind crafted seven tribes in her image, each with an assigned duty to perform, and unique magic to aid them.

Today, there are only three, and a hoofful of what might be regarded as half breeds.

But then, what happened to the other four tribes?

The events prior to the great unification of Hearth's Warming are unclear, and solid evidence has proven difficult to find. But one thing has persisted through out the countless ages that may hold the answers: A series of legends recounting the fates of the lost pony tribes.

Edited by Bahamuttone.

Cover art by someone close to me IRL.

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If one were to see a large red button in the middle of the street for no apparent reason, most would probably think twice about pushing it.

Or at least, that's what they'd claim. Big red buttons are meant to be pushed after all. Especially when there's a "Do Not Push" sign right next to it...

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This story is a sequel to Undead Robot Bug Crusaders

Apple Bloom is an undead ghoul, but that's OK. She's finally come to terms with her condition, and is determined to rise above her curse.

Sweetie Belle is a robot, but that's OK. With manual in hoof, she's prepared to learn everything she can about herself, and whatever the future holds.

Scootaloo is a changeling, but that's OK. Changelings are citizens now, and she's ready to do her part to show the world changelings can be friendly too.

Together, the three of them are getting by, one day at a time. They may never get their cutie marks, but that's not going to stop them from having fun, finding their talents, and maybe even going a week without causing massive amounts of property damage. Maybe.

Meanwhile, Babs Seed is still blissfully unaware of the unusual destiny that awaits her, Diamond Tiara is slowly finding her place in the world, and Ponyville is still the weirdest town in Equestria. But then again, what else is new?

Edited by Bahamuttone

Cover Art by someone close to me IRL who probably doesn't want anyone to know she made pony art.

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Some time has passed since the Lightbringer's journey came to an end, and the Followers of Apocalypse are hard at work healing a very important pony. While progress has been made, it's proven to be a slow and difficult process. But then a mysterious package arrives, the sender hopeful that it's contents will aid in the pony's recovery.

However, the package doesn't contain psychology books or ancient medicine. Instead, it holds echoes. Echoes of ponies who once held Equestria's fate in their hooves. Echoes of mistakes, regrets, and possibly even forgiveness.

*Contains massive spoilers for the original Fallout: Equestria.*

Editors: mikemeirs, Soge, and a few others from an editing group.

Pre-Readers: BioQullFiction and PinkieDP

Cover Art by Sakura

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When two worlds of great difference meet, it shall result in either the greatest of unities, or the most horrific of tragedies.

These are tales of such unities.

A series of one shots about human-pony interactions that I lack the time and/or creativity to create full fledged stories about. Feel free to get inspired and make one of these ideas work, or point me towards a story that already does.

If you're looking for something darker, check out the sister collection.

Cover art by me, using flag images from google search and put together with gimp.

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