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During the second time he's imprisoned, Discord gets bored and goes wandering, looking for mortals to aggravate. He finds a species nearly as chaotic as himself, humans. He settles on one human male who seems happy enough, and decides to use him. Deciding to make a sort of game out of it, Discord tricks the guy into going to Equestria. After a few days Discord transports the princesses to opposite ends of the universe. Discord has the human sign a contract stating that all guy has to do is find and return the princesses and he will leave the pony folk alone and return to his statue. If the man should fail, however, Discord will rule both worlds forever. Rated teen for mild language.

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This... THIS FIC.
I laff. :rainbowlaugh:

My middle name is Anthony and I'm 5'11 tall! :pinkiegasp:

Some "i"s aren't capitalized and the start seems rushed. :twistnerd:

But, I can tell this will be a good fic! Tracking! :pinkiehappy:

Ha Barney's little brother, that's a good one.

1307626 Thanks,I'll try to correct those. The friend of mine who was supposed to be my pre-reader kinda fell through. Interesting side note (or maybe not?) this is actually the fourth version. It went through three other pen and paper rewrites before I settled on this one.

Needs some editing done, but I see this turning out to be a great fic. Hope it gets featured. ^^

1307744 I consider that high praise coming from you. Could you possibly recommend someone for editing?

1307804 Coming from me? How come? And I might find time to do it for you.

1308198 Because I love Hippophobia and Waking Nightmares. I thought those two were great.

1308278 I would also like to throw myself out there as an editor, if you are interested just send me a message :D.

BTW: I really like this story, please do continue!

Holy crap, I never realized Spike and Barney are the same colors.

How did Anthony know her name was Lyra?

1319688 See Ch1. He hears Bon-Bon address her by name which, in in-story time, only occurred a few hours prior. It happens near the end.

1319685 Sorry, but I'ma try to avoid anything TOO explicit. (read, no out and out sex scenes) But you can expect some awkward moments. Possibly in the next chapter. And may or may not involve a certain mint green (teal?) unicorn. Who knows?


Sorry, I forgot...

There's just so many stories that I'm following right now, I have a hard time keeping all the details together.

... I think I might have a problem.:applejackconfused:

1319772 Ahhh, Depends. See, I'm pretty lazy when it comes t this stuff. but I'll get started on soon. Truth is I've had about 10 total chapters written for about 2 months now and I'm just now getting around to posting. That and I'm starting a new job on Tues. But I'll see what I can do.

Clever Girl.....
Don't move..... They can't see you if they don't move
Dang good so far!

This. Is. Amazing. Please post more. And more. I hope this is a long story that I can enjoy thoroughly.

1326101 What's so amazing about it? It's only been 2 chapters.

"Twilight, wuld you mind if our friend stayed here for the night?" Celestia asked.

wuld should be would.

1330164 Thanks for pointing that out. Found and fixed.

1346145 Crap! Now they're throwing pies! Wait, Pumpkin or sweet potato?

1346196 Oh, well that's okay then. Trying to keep things seasonal then?

1346223 Oh yeah it's almost October, wow how long have i been locked in my room!?

1346267 Wow, never been one much for that type of music. That sounds pretty good though.

I don't know why I enjoy HiE stories so much. Probably something I should give some serious thought. But I love where this is going! Buy the weigh, aye notissed tuns ov grammer errors that yew shood eddit (bad grammar here on purpose). I'd love to edit for you, if you need me to.

Also, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for calling her Derpy!

1346388 Sorry about those, could you tell me the paragraph please?

1346404 Uh, frankly, most of them. Some paragraphs that need to be split, dialog that's missing an end quote here and there. Not enough to break the story, really, I've read far worse. I mean, FAAAAR worse. Like one story that was physically painful to read, but had such a good plot that I couldn't stop. It was like torture so cruel, not even the Chinese would consider it.

I like the fact that somebody reacted a little differently. Most of the stories where a human is a new species, the reactions are kind of dull mostly "what are you" and nothing else. Your story appeals to me greatly for some reason.

Grammar criticism time! Don't worry, there isn't much.

Some sentences don't have punctuation marks, a couple of I's aren't capitalized, and Applejack shouldn't have a capital j. (but if you may like spelling it that way, it's fine by me.)

There. Done.

Please don't eat me...

1372222 You. I will feed you piece by piece to your own chickens and make a coat rack from your bones and an ice-cream bowl from your skull.:pinkiecrazy: Either that or just pester you at work. Which ever is easier.

Oh gods why this story is so what. :rainbowlaugh:

I had to listen to that twilight sparkle song seven times (so far) because the head transforming thing just..it just got to me

...make that 12 times now..

Why can't I stop replaying that last minute :raritydespair:

Officially lost count.

That right there is our own SparkleQuest. The test is that i dare someone to watch that whole vid without laughing once.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

>"Yes Ms. Hooves, I am. Though not much longer if you don get off of me!"
The word don't is incomplete, and I'm sure the "of" is not needed there.
I think I saw another incomplete word and a small "I" in there somewhere and Rapidash probably needs a capital R. But who am I to argue? Not my story.. *shrugs*

But grammar aside, another great chapter! :moustache:
Needs more Twilight Rapidash. :yay:

That video at the end could confuse even Pinkie.

The newly evolved Rapidash line killed me.:rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Will he remain a pony for the whole story?

1478591 To quote a certain favorite show of mine,

. If I ever get around to finishing it, that is.

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