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Pinkie Pie has a new friend. He's not a pony, he's something called a "hyewmun". At least that what she thinks he said. Even better, he seems to be just as good at pranking as she is! She's never met another, well, anything like him before. Soon enough, she's wondering if their friendship may not be headed to something more.

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I approve.

Plus why isn't there more pinkie romance fics? I mean really there needs to be more pinkie pie fics and more rarity fics seriously I can never find a good one with rarity x human or stallion but no spike he sucka majorly. Worst character ever.

Damn me and my ranting.



Check out Cerulean1313

After he finishes his current two stories (6 months at most)

He's gonna write a rarity X OC fic

But good is he good at it.

2689655 Thanks! I wanted to try a one-shot to see how it would work.

Not bad. This story is short, sweet, and has an adorable, silly charm to it all. Part of me wants this story to be expanded upon, but I think that it is ultimately best in the current form of a one-shot. on I love Pinkie ships of all varieties, so I'm a little biased here. That being said, I love love loved
this line:

They had developed this little habit of sitting back and relaxing after work and just chatting away. She was a lot calmer, not the hyper-spastic blur that the rest of the population knw

That's some characterization I can really sink my teeth into.

But the pacing was a little rough at times (the flashbacks could have been integrated into the story in a more seamless fashion) and there were a few spelling errors.

2693318 Thanks. When I get some time, I'll go back over it and try to fix it.

"He jumped up, chugged his cocoa, and ran to the bathroom." Um why did he do that,:unsuresweetie: I'm missing something


He jumped up, chugged his cocoa, and ran to the bathroom to escape retaliation from his pink couch mate.


2720940 Oh okay, that makes more sence:pinkiesmile:

I lol'd so hard.

[Inevitable kissing...all of a sudden, dude blows on her lips to excite. He guns it for the toilet to escape the mare's counter prank attack, but--- oh what's this, greasy toilet makes you hit the floor]

In Discord's View: That's only a little chaos that can be formed in a relationship for pranksters!

I, I'm speechless on this. Perfectly executed, awesome humor, and a wonderful ending. And last but not least. It had LUNA in it. Every fic is better with Luna.

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