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Im just a new brony who accidentally stumbled upon Fimfic and decided that i needed to join up in order to keep track of all the amazing stories on here ^_^


Earth is under attack by a malevolent alien empire that conquers and enslaves everything it can in order to get valuable resources to keep itself sustained. But like the Ancient Romans, this empire shall now run into a people it cannot conquer easily, and to boost our chances, the God of chaos himself Discord has taken an interest in helping us win so the empire can be thrown into chaos. To accomplish this he causes a series of events that will send several ponies to our world to help us slightly as well as using what little powers he has to tip the scales of fate in our favor.

((This is a story ive been working on for a while now, since before I joined fimfiction and I wanted to try my hand at writing, leave alike and review if you want and I hope you enjoy, and yes I did put in my OC in the story but the story was here before him and I need to put him in something and I thought he would fit well. I also tried using characters that were not the Mane 6 so it could be abit new and fresh, if you spot any mistakes please comment and if you have any other comments or questions please post them, and have fun reading.

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Into the group whit this then.
*Added to group*

Put in every X-Com and UFO crossover fan-fiction you can find into the group.

Hmm, you need to have another read through this. There are multiple errors, such as the non-capitalisation of names, mis-punctuating sentences and other syntactical flaws. However, you have a viable story idea here. The only quibble I have with the first chapter is that the first several paragraphs are almost like an info-dump. I can only remember a few parts of it, which ain't too good. It's either the mass insertion of information (which really ought to be drip-fed across several chapters) or my memory sucks. I don't think it's the latter.

I would offer more advice, but I'm trying to write two essays at once here :rainbowlaugh:

~Sierra, TWE's Destroyer of Words

1381820 Thank you :pinkiehappy: Il be sure to get to work on the editing but im also in the middle of writing an essay and writing the third chapter.

Okay, I have to read this. I'm stoked for the game, and honestly, I had an idea similar to this. Not pony XCOM, just a regular XCOM fanfic. But this will be good too! GIve em a couple hours, and I'll tell you what I think! :pinkiehappy:

A JDAM is a guided bomb, not a missile.

1381956 Looks like i will have alot more editing to do :derpytongue2:

Derpy, Trixie, and two OCs are not who I would have chosen, but you seem to know the military stuff. I'll keep my eye on this.

1381986 As I mentioned in the description I wanted to shy away from the use of the mane 6 and other primary characters and go into my own direction. And I come from a military family so I do know some info that helps make the story as accurate as it can be. I only wish I had more time to work on it but between classes and personal life I dont have the neccesary time to edit and double check everything so after chapter three is posted i will take longer to write chapters so that it can be more accurate and have better editing. :derpyderp2:

Nice! This is pretty awsome!

1382181 Thank you, if you have any edits or comments please let me know, and as a fellow X-com writer please PM me with any comments questions or suggestions you think would help :scootangel:

A couple of things,

1. DAMMIT!!! I was going to use an XM9 lol you beat me to it!
2. A female Canadian Spec Force? Sounds kinda like Kat from my story haha

Great work so far man, keep it up!

1382312 XD great minds think alike, also there are many different rifles out there to use, Or you could just use the same one :derpytongue2:

I dont think it matters much.

I think i'll just have it by region. US units like former SEALS, Delta, and FAC will probably carry XM8's and M4's, Russians using AK's, and so on until they upgrade

What X-Com is it. The upcoming Enemy Unknown or the Old Enemy Unknown?:twilightblush:

1394489 The new one but Ive made a few alterations, such as mentioning there is more than one base and during interceptions they send more than one fighter to take out a UFO.

Okay, now I will put it in the right file on the group.

"Sir, Permission to take a vacation."
"For what purpose?"
"I'm starting to see magical talking ponies."
".....Permission Granted."

Nice chapter. Looking forward to the next.:scootangel:

1397572 Im glad you enjoyed it, if you have anny thoughts, questions or suggestions feel free to let me know :pinkiehappy:

Now that I've finally started reading this (SO MANY FICS TO READ! :P) I feel like I need to point out that you are not ending dialogue with periods like you should be. I do hope you've read a book in real life before ;p I'd gladly help you pre-read and proof read, as it appears a little rough around the edges.

EDIT: “Take that you piece of bitch!” that's not really a phrase in English. Most if not everyone would instead use "piece of shit" instead.


Lol trixie trixie trixie tsk tsk tsk

1476014 Yup moments like that are one of the reasons i chose to bring her into our world. :trollestia:

1476141 Damn id like to put it in but im worried people might get mad from seeing luna on the cover but not in the story. So sorry but no. il stick with the Xcom symbol for now.

I understand. Also, that picture come out today. Can't get newer.

I'm glad I could help out ^^ I turned the rough gem into a jewel.

1478909 Now now dont be offended *throws pinkie pie at you* :pinkiehappy:

You did good and i may still ask for your help in the future.

Huh....well I'm gonna rummage trough my PC Trash Bin and find the edited chapters

Edit: Oh god there's so much stuff in this damn thing it's painful

1480790 Thanks and il be sure to name you for editing those chapters. Have a moustache.


Don't thank me yet
I still haven't found the damn things and there's over 300 folders in here!

Was never my intention to take your job away from you. I just tend to be... very thorough, when it comes to grammar.

1441703 I did...then I met heavy floaters, I lost my cracked 6 man team of colonals on first encounter (WHY DID THEY SEND 12 IN ONE MOVE)

1504698 Oh yeah. Still, how did they kill Colonal Rainbow?! IMPOSSABRU, one does not simply kill Rainbow.

1515119 The highground my good man. The one who controls the highground has the advantage in the battle.

1515294 Colonal Rainbow WAS on the high ground.

1520432 Yes but the floaters always have higher ground. They are floaters after all. :rainbowlaugh:

1521724 No, sometimes the floaters stop flying and float like 20 centremetres off the ground. Often behind cover. Thats what happened, I'd flown Rainbow on top of a gas station (which have full 360 cover) and the floaters shot from the ground, wrecking EVERYTHING.

I would be happy to help a fellow XCOM Commander

1523272 Got multiple offers, i need to wait on it for abit but thank you ^_^

XCOM Commander
Log #28

I have been spending more time with Doctor Whooves, and he's shown me some interesting things. Apparently there is more than one universe like ours, ones that are under attack just like us. He showed me one today, one where Washington is still intact after the initial onslaught, and his species was introduced in a totally different way. My first reaction was to ask if we could send any help to them, then I had to remind myself that we barley have enough forces ourselves, let alone any to spare to another universe.
Anyway, I've Ordered Tex and The Doctor to look in to it just in case, but for now it's at the bottom of our priorities.
Colonel Maze, XCOM Commander

1526023 You thinking what im thinking?

:moustache: possible Non-cannon crossover? :trixieshiftright:

Badass. Can't wait for more:rainbowdetermined2:

1528352 Anything in particular you enjoyed?

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