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'Changelings, how did they come to be?' That is the question that the Element of Magic is trying to answer. Tasked with an important project involving the Changeling race, Twilight Sparkle must delve deep into the Royal Archives of Canterlot. What she finds will be surprising.

Takes place mid season 3, post-Crystal Empire, pre-Magic Duel.

UPDATE: I am going to be posting the rewrite as a separate fic on the site, the only update to this will be a link to the rewrite. Click here for the rewrite.

Cancelled due to rewrite.

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Yay, my story was just approved.

Just pushed chapter two, I had an idea about the initial meeting with Trixie, and I went with it.

3849711 Who knows? :raritywink:

Also, thanks for the fav.

The whole romance bit was a sudden on-a-whim decision I made. I am kinda making it up as I go along, but don't tell anypony, it's a secret.

ill be watching you, hope to be a long ride XD

3849747 It won't be too terribly long (I do not have the capacity to work on something excessively for extended periods of time), but I do plan on having a bit of romance, and some adventure aspects that take place in the very distant past. I should probably plan this out instead of winging it though...

3849769 That was a fun scene to make, although I am a tad less than 100% satisfied with some of it... After I am done with this fic, I may get some serious editing done to make it more 'to-par' with other fics. I did notice that my writing is incredibly dialogue heavy though.

3849874 The next chapter will be very important into the development of the changelings as Equestria knows them.

The next chapter (which I am working on as we speak? type?) will give you insight into some of the personalities of the queens.

3849923 Maybe, I am just kinda making it up as I go along, and it sometimes feels a tad forced, but oh well.

3849722 you mean to suggest you've shipped Twi x Tix? now I need to see how you tweaked them into it. :pinkiesmile:

I would have enjoed to know for a fact who were speaking, rather then guessing.
there is the small detail in the message, a dual 'to' slipped in? :pinkiegasp:

is StarSwirls name 'Canon'? or the link to Trixie?
as for trixie, I guess I am enjoying her with twi.

3850309 Thanks for pointing out the 'to to' issue in chapter 1, I fixed it, and I was simply introducing the ship in chapter 3, I won't be making any real waves with the ship until at least chapter 6.

As for sometimes not understanding who is speaking, I always alternate between the two speakers, and if the order changes, I have the speaker speak the name of who the speaker is speaking to.

This is quite dialogue heavy, but I am adding some other content that isn't dialogue in some of the new chapters.

A chapter a day keeps the Discord away.

I just pushed chapter four.

Although it is the shortest chapter yet...

...Still will shed some light on the changelings.

Apart from Trixie being just a bit to accepting of the offer to cry on twilight's shoulder, this was a very enjoyable chapter!
(the only other complaint I might have is the fact that the chapters are VERY short)

3851314 The chapters are short, but at the same time, I try to put out a new one every day. Also, the part where Trixie is accepting, it was somewhat stated that she had grown to regret what happened that night with the ursa.

I am sorry Twilight, it is just that for so long I have been angry. At first I thought I was angry at you for running off that ursa when I couldn't, but then I realized that I wasn't angry at you, but at myself.

Trixie has split personalities? Not surprised after all the trauma caused by lack of sleep and having recurring nightmares for that long .:trixieshiftright:

3851348 No, actually, she was just having a mental argument with herself. Everybody has an argument with themselves at some point in their life, you have, I have, Twilight has, Celestia has, ect...

Although Trixie does have some mental issues, split personality syndrome is not one of them.

3861484 Yep, the fun parts will be starting soon. Also, Chapter 5 is the longest one so far.

My curiosity has sky-rocketed. I need to know more now. Please write more soon. This story gives you an entirely different view of the Changeling race, and I feel as though each chapter had hours of thought put into it. You are an awesome author so far, and location descriptions would lengthen the story tremendously. You've done good though, as the story line quality makes up for it. Favoriting this one.

3867930 Thanks. I cannot take all of your praise though, I spend on average about an hour or two a chapter, with no real editing, and I am winging it with the storyline. I do often feel like I am cheap-assing it with the dialogue heavy writing.

I do plan on making a super-edited version once I complete this though.

This is a tad overly headcannon-ish in my personal opinion... I have always thought that the Lulamoon family was always under-appreciated in stories, where they do not make the Lulamoons as important as they should be, and as a result, I decided to tie them in with the changelings when I was thinking of possible changeling headcannons. In short, it simply made sense to do it like this.

I do thank you for your support though.

3871295 It was tickling. Don't imply the cliche 'and then they had sex' thing, because this is too early in the relationship development for that...

3876355 Remember, they still have to visit the other hives.


You have some very interesting ideas here so I am going to follow this, but it needs a lot of help with mechanics and pacing which were almost bad enough to force me to give up on it. The two things that stood out the most to me was the capitalization of Starswirl which should not have a capital in the middle of the word (this is never acceptable in English, although some other languages do use it) and the use of the present tense which is not acceptable in a narrative (this does not include dialog or in-story text such as journal entries).

3878569 When I finish writing it, I do plan on going through and doing a massive editing spree to it, fixing all the issues, adding some details to things, stuff to make it better.

I do realize that how Starswirl was capitalized was wrong, but the google docs autocorrect system is adaptive, and it adapted to having that caps after the first two chapters... before I realized how it is...

I never paid much attention in english class, so I am a tad shaky when it comes to things sometimes...


3881014 Well, that is better than nothing and there should be some way to override Google's stupidity, although this is Google so just because they should let you do something does not mean they will. :twilightangry2:

3881108 Yeah.

Although at the same time, at least google didn't create Apple Navigation. :rainbowlaugh:


3881112 You know there is a problem when Microsoft is the least evil option. :facehoof:


3881365 It would probably help if Linux was not such an insane tangle on the inside. Seriously, go pull up the source code and search for foul language. The fact that Linux works at all is honestly kind of amazing given the amount of uncommented spaghetti code and pointer magic in there.

3881436 Yeah, but at the same time, it is stable if you get the right build. Ubuntu is the build I would use...


3881441 I know, but it is still an unholy mess on the inside which is a problem for software developers, especially when it does not work like other operating systems and does not have much of a market share.

3881506 Yeah... Still though, if it were to be cleaned up and developed for, it would be amazing.


3881512 That's not going to happen. It would require a major corporation to invest a lot of time and money which is not something that any company is going to give away for free which they would have to do if they wanted to keep it Linux. It would also add a lot of legal trouble and take an enormous amount of work to clean up so odds are it would wind up being cheaper and easier to make a new OS from scratch.

Changeling Aren't Bad? :pinkiehappy:

Changelings Aren't Bugs? :pinkiehappy:

Changelings Are Mammals? :pinkiehappy:

Changelings are their own unique breed of Equine, Separate from Ponies? :twilightsmile:

Twilight is an intolerant racist who can't let go of a grudge? :pinkiehappy:

Final Tally: 4 out of five Pinkies and a Twilight.


My headcanon: *MAJORLY ABRIDGED* Changelings are mammals, and yes, they're related to ponies, but on a separate branch, closer to Flutterponies

3905378 Well my headcannon is strange magic induced transformation. Also, I did it for the Lulz-amoons

Um. I don't think being a rude matchmaker to two diplomats is going to impact the treaty nearly as much as


You wondered where Chrysalis gets her mean streak from, Monarch? There's your answer. That, right bucking there.:ajbemused:

3924813 If you read what she said afterwards, about how seeker is trained to resist interrogation and stuff, he is more than capable of surviving that duty he was given.

Well first impressions on it, I say that I'm not too fond of your writing style, it just seems to show dialog and dosent say what they are doing or anything, even if it's third person objective you can still tell me what the area looks like and what they are doing, you know, the weather outside. But I digress. It's only a first impression, so I'll keep reading on

3934707 Yeah, I plan on going in and editing it to have background details and whatnot after I finish writing the chapters. I tend to be dialogue heavy.

3941313 Maybe... Maybe... But are you sure that you are not just used to playing in hard mode?


3943044 I bet you didn't expect to use that emoticon today!

Hard-mode is for tryhards :trollestia:

3955902 Ehh, people like what I have written apparently.

Someone finally disliked it, it 26 likes, 1 dislike. I am a tad surprised it took that long for a dislike.

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