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These are the results of the Fimfiction Writes Ponies! project, in which almost a hundred users were allowed editing access to a single Google document, with the final goal of writing a coherent story about colorful ponies.

This... is their story. It is the tale of Mecha-Trixie. It is the tale of Lord Apep, who ate the sun. It is the tale of the shattered multiverse, the permeable boundaries of which may cause the end of all Equestria. Rarity may or may not be eaten by a ghost-shark at the end of things. It is enormous. It cannot be described in mere words. Read it.

Go forth, my friends, and know that this is what Fimfiction has wrought.

If you want to see the original thing in its unvarnished glory, feel free to check out the Google doc, locked for editing but now open to public viewing.

Credits for The Wonderful Folks Who Helped Make This Happen

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Author Interviewer

Wait, is it really incomplete? <.< Are you holding out on us here?


The story as-written is technically complete. The remaining chapters will be posted shortly. Just trying to avoid publishing all of it at once, so as to avoid overwhelming anyone.

Aha! It has been birthed upon the world of Fimfiction! PRAISE BE TO APEP!

It was a grand afternoon of fun! Hope everyone enjoys it!
Dash The Stampede

yay my binary message survived
yes it was I who had to rewrite the binary message after the previous one failed

At long last, the cancerous insanity that this glorious train wreck harbors has been unleashed. :pinkiecrazy:

~The lizardman is excited

4218068 I don't know. You tell me! You're the one who was in charge of it.

Ack! You actually did this?! And I was not informed?!

This is the BEST. IDEA. EVER!

Not to rain on anypony's parade, but shouldn't chapter 5>?<12 should be between chapter 5 and 12?:fluttershyouch: fixed

:yay: this is the best story ever! My mind now resembles the fourth wall!

“How did I get here?” asked Prince Staghorn of the changelings, and the son of another pony-universe’s Chrysalis unrelated to the one in this story.

“Multiverse rules and the fact that you’re a low-grade author avatar, dear,” said his wife, Double.


For having the combined work of 100 people, this is surprisingly coherent.

yay my Narnia joke and my pinkie dialogue and font survived

wtf they stole my ending I suggested that then it got written of as "cheesy" and then they do it behind my back

Delete System32...
Get a System64...
Download some more RAM...
Install GTA V...

They should be shot! :pinkiecrazy:

This sounds incredibly meta. Mods are so evil, bending the rules for our entertainment. :raritywink:

Maybe I ought to read it before deciding it's really meta, though. Maybe the story is truly about ponies. :pinkiegasp:

I would point out all the errors that still slipped by the editors' attention, but Apep . . .

~The lizardman has spoken enough

I must say, this chapter boasts much useful advice.

~The lizardman is out at the moment, please leave a message after the dots . . .

What does the binary message translate to, I wonder?

~The lizardman is curious


Chapter 3.9: The Fall of the Fourth Wall & the Rise of Billy Mays

*Weeping and wailing.

This is where the insanity levels of this thing begin to reach so high that it becomes sane.

~The lizardman has spoken

"All your base are belong to us!"

~The lizardman has quoted

This reads exactly like your average BZPower comedy.

There is no sanity.

Surprisingly ac:yay:ate, this- . . .

~The lizardman has crossed the line (with no regrets :pinkiecrazy:)

It was fun writing this with you guys!
Praise Apep! He is a glorious snake, like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly serpentine!


In short, I got your message.

I'd make a dead horse analogy to the fourth wall, but I wish not to offend the little ponies (who definitely aren't holding me at hornpoint right now, no siree).

~ . . . help me

4218507 thank you and actually that wasn't entirely mine the origonal message was corrupted by somepony so I had to rewrite it and that is the result of my attempts at replicating the origonal message

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