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Years after their show ended, the Warner Siblings are still living in the Warner Studios Water Tower, but causing considerably less havoc due to being distracted by today's modern society. However, when Wakko comes across an actually decent cartoon made for little girls, the Siblings decide that it's time for a move, and to get back to old roots.

Pinkie Pie, in this story, is based on the story The Truth About Pinkie Pie. However, none of the other Mane Six know what she is yet.

Also, the key genre for this story is Random, but only because the only other genres that I'm sure are in it are Comedy and Crossover (the Human tag may be added later).

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I will follow this for the sheer fact that Animaniacs

Ahh, Nostalgia. We meet again...

1291913 And that's why the feature box is the way it is.

On-topic, the Warners don't come across as the Warners very well - their dialogue feels unnatural and not at all like them. And, well... it just wasn't funny. Which, in an Animaniacs crossover of all things, is a bit of a killer. I think with work you could be on to something, but right now... eh.

I agree with my fellow changeling.

This going to be great i really liked the truth about Pinkie Pie story so i'm really glad someone's finally decided to write a story that take's place in the same universe. How will everypony react to Pinkie's true origins in this story?

P.S. You forgot to add a H to WAT at the end there.


The irony of that statement is amazing.


Nostalgia. Remembering something dear from the past. Meeting it "again". Lol it made me laugh.

Meh, I follow very few stories and I have little time to read.
If I didn't actually click the follow button I'd forget about it and never actually come back to read it.

I agree, though you have to take into account that a large portion of the Animaniacs comedy will be lost without the over the top visual element that was so central to the show. It is difficult to enough write with pre-existent characters, let alone three hyperactive cartoons with no literary framework reference.

And now THIS!!!

You might do well to read some Marx to help with the funny. Groucho, not Karl. Though that's funny too, but in a different way.

1291913 Agreed. I can't wait to see if they rope Derpy/Ditzy into the Anvil song.:pinkiecrazy:

1291913 Yeah, I gotta agree with you on that fact... Awesome story as well!

[youtube=http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=j3Rg-uuZR4w] I love it social commentary and a reference to a fanfic I never heard of before now. Also call the sibs the Animaniacs

The best part is animaniacs is coming to the hub on january 7th

1852402 Oh, I know. And I plan to make use of that. It is important to the plot.

This was a great holiday chapter poem your quite good with ryhmes. Really glad to hear the next chapter is near. Merry Christmas.

WHERE THE BUCK IS THE PLOT!!! Jk its good to know you will be continuing.


You can end it here, but you better pick up soon.

So only Pinkie, Discord, and the Doctor know the truth about everything. Will the princesses or Pinkies friends find out the truth? How will deal with the fact their Toon's if they do? Will any other characters from the Animaniacs show up? I'm hoping at least two certain mice appear.

Gee Brain what are we going to do tonight? The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over Equestria.

1886694 Now why would I want to end it with such a perfect start.

1886709 Not until eventually. That's a secret. And they most certainly will, possibly in a chapter or two.

Did you know that the voice actor for Wakko also does the voices of Ironhide and Barricade from the 2007 transformers movie?

I haven't read it yet, but is there a Mr Plotz joke in here anywhere?

So far, so good! Loving it.

Please sir, I want some more. :fluttershysad:

Oh jeez, I am reeeeeaally tempted to read this but I see that it hasn't been updated for so long. If I start now I'll probably want moar and I wont get moar.

I'm reading every line in their voices, I love this already.

Omg two of my favorite shows, and I just found out that Animaniacs is on the hub. I am the happiest man alive. Please I know it's been so long since you've updated but for the sake of my sanity write another chapter.

some one know where i can see the animaniacs on internet? if so give me the link to the page, thank you………….. And when its going to arrive the next chapter, mi diyin to know whats gonna happen whit pinkie and the warners.

4792417 Just Youtube it. Seasons 1-3 should still be on there, but not 4 because it was never released on DVD. Also, this might not get updated for quite a bit because my hands are tied since one of my friends only now discovered anime, visual novels, and a mass archive of hentai, so I'm trying to steer him away from the weaboos lest he get annoying. That and a recent story I'm still hung up with plus fatigue and lack of direction on where to go with this one means it'll be on the back-burner for a bit.

Dude, I freakin' love this story. Two words: Please. Finish.

4847418 I know you're anxious, but I'd like to divert your attention the comment above. I'm sorry.

Brilliant. Nuf said.

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