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the parasprite

"Descriptive but creatively shallow and morally bankrupt."


AKA whatever I want.

Short one-shots, mostly under 1000 words. Genres will range from everything to everything. All stories so far will be rated E or T. Feel free to suggest prompts. Also, if you want to see a particular chapter expanded on and made into an actual story, tell me! I'll rewrite the most popular ones into actual fics.

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Comments ( 270 )

Dem one shots. They be a'plenty

First chapter, and I'm in tears.:fluttershbad:

You should write the Vinyl-glue one. It'd become better than MLD, FO:E, and PS over night for sure.

For those with a taste for such things this one could make for a very... interesting tale. It might not even be quite so creepy as seems to be implied.

...but I think it would be anyway. And I'd likely read it with that wonderful sort of mildly horrified nervous pleasure one can get from stories like that if they are well written. So if you feel like expanding this one....

Light and laughter,

The drama! The prose! The depth of philosphical and political analysis!

This. Flesh this out, I'm begging you.

A few missed words here and there, but this sounds hysterical.

For the truly brave/twisted, this already exsists.
In the worst form imaginable.

What would have made that perfect, would be Twilight looking up awkwardly and saying 'Don't do drugs, kids!' before continuing :rainbowlaugh:

id like to hear a story about a muffin named fred, trying to not get eaten by Derpy.

I'll have to be sad for her then... :fluttercry:

The first few sentences were very very long, I mean how long can one sentence be, then again it was just the addition of lots and lots of well-made, smart, dark, short, easy-to-read, snappy, funny, hilarious adjectives without commas in between them, now in my book, that is a real crime, I cannot stand a lack of grammar, but one acceptation, that one being myself, but this was very entertaining and really funny to read, and I can't believe this has been one singular, lonely, excluded, isolated, companionless, sentence. OH MY GOD A FULLSTOP!!!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I'm joking, aweshum work though!

3383398 i request a sentient fearfull muffin and your response is "Okay"?
*Turns his head to the pony next to him and says*
I like this guy, hes got spunk.


It's supposed to be overly long and complicated. It's mocking how media reports about guns always use so many retarded buzzwords. The joke is that it's just some shitty farm shotgun, but the initial description ignorantly calls it an assault weapon, military grade machine gun, etc.

Look, you don't tell Pinkie Pie that's all the confetti you have in stock! If you do, she'll make confetti from your torn flesh!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah... I always thought she needed meds

:facehoof: Vinyl... STAHP!!!
What are you DOING, Vinyl? :twilightoops:

Somehow, I dont think these meds will help her much, though they do explain a few episodes very well lol :pinkiecrazy:

Damn... you packed a ton of feels in one little line at the end. :fluttercry:

This was very gay and VERY funny! :rainbowlaugh: LOVE IT!

Kinda creepy... :trollestia:

What the hell is Pinkie gonna do with all that confetti? :rainbowderp:

Fluttershy bitch-slaps Celestia for keeping Philomena in a cage

Thanks for the tip! Given your warning I shall approach the story you suggested with caution. I find the Molestia in "Ask Princess Molestia" pretty amusing, edgy though it can be at times; not sure if I'll like Tyrant Molestia. :trollestia:

...but approach it I shall. When I'm not at work :unsuresweetie:

Time will tell whether I really should have thanked you....

Light and laughter,

What the Bucking Hay did I just read?

woah, twist ending with lots of meaning :rainbowderp:

Someone must really have it out for para if they take the time to downvote all his comments :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe if Octy slaps Vinyl hard enough her shades will come off.

The paraspirte god (not you, one in equestria) turns her into a parasprite for all her foul deeds against the parasprite race. Also, I'd be particularly interested in her going through cloning. :pinkiecrazy:

Uhh.... Maybe Trixie dodged a bullet.

You can do whatever you want. It's your story, bro.

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