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I do hope to return to the series later but yeah just need a break.

Hey there, thanks for adding Ein Sof Zealotry to your favorites.

Currently, I'm working on Episode 04 of Queen of Crimson Crows, as well as reviving an old project Twilight Velvet's "Pseudo Facade" to work on in junction with it. I'm also planning on getting artwork for both projects (when I can get around to it...). Consider checking them out if you haven't already, especially QCC which is my current main project.

Have a good day. :moustache:

Ah, that explains it. Well, all things have to end at some point, am I right?………………… That was unintentionally dark, whoops. Either way, I look forward to what you come up with!

I always enjoy detailed replies.

I figure I should give you a heads up i burned dout on the series and am trying to work on a new world and characters and already jave the first chapter up.

I just honestly enjoy the version of Twilight you presented, it gave off something new and interesting, I felt pain when reading about the torture she had to endure, and the sadness of some good characters that died when she was in the war. When you decided to create The Princess and The Soldier, I was surprised when I started reading about the custom enemies you created, it was very interesting and gave me a possible idea I can use. The humor was also quite funny on its own, I am a sucker for dark humor. The growing relationship between Twilight and Chrysalis was great in my opinion, I will be perfectly honest, I see Chrysalis, not as a tyrannical Queen, but someone almost desperate to help feed her subjects, it made perfect sense for her to invade Canterlot, because others are, well, racist because of what the Changelings are, and Canterlot is actually quite weak in the terms of military power, I wouldn’t even call it a military just a police force. Anyways, just know I loved you work, and I look forward to what else you come up with!

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