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A guy named Dante gets Administrator privileges on a Minecraft server and discovers a broken plugin while doing server development. The next day he wakes up in a curious new world with all his admin abilities. Will he make friends, or will the ponies fear his power? His appearance will change history. Whether the change is good or bad is up to him to decide.

Edited by the fantastic: Doggyshakespeare

I am going to do my best to implement some reader driven content, as non intrusively as possible.

If you DISLIKE the story please let me know why. Just a thumbs down doesn't help me improve my writing!

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Well is it really that surprising?

What, is he going to ban people from life?

This is fucking awesome so far,

Dark... and here I thought that they would just pop out of existence, maybe in a shower of confetti or something.

Nah, prefer a little bit of insanity mixed with sparta madness

M̵̨̢̢̟͍̼̲͎̲̏̽̉͜O̶̢͇͖̟͔̅͒͒̚͜Ŗ̵̧̱̗̣̙̼̗̼̔̽̈́̓͌̈͠͠Ḙ̶̩̣̞̪̬̏̾̾̂͌̕ ̶͈͓͚͙̪̯̐̈́̃̏͝M̵͓̠͔͙̮͔͈̰̼͆̉̆́Ȧ̵͚͖́́̒̽̓̓̈́͒͝D̷̡̗̩̺̭̈́̂͋͑̾͛́͒͊̀͌͘N̴̡̡̼̗̻̫̠͍̅̓̃̽̎̑͌È̶͚͉̫͖͜S̵̡̠͎̪͉̞̟̟͇͙̼̜͋͛̂̑͌̾͝Š̵̥̖̎̒͒̋̊̌͋̌̚͘̚

This might say something about my mind, but I wonder if /kill @a would work...

Experience makes for good storytelling...

I was expecting this to be dumb, and I'm really surprised, especially that the console command invocation isn't as tacked on as it could be. It seems inconsistent that console commands can target ponies but none of the ponies have name plates, since those ultimately reference the same thing.

Ok, for a 1st story this is very good.

You can fly in creative. I wonder when Dante will realize this.

Haha this is intresting a Minectaft story

<YES> [NO]
Plz continue!!!

2 questions:
1) when will Dante use commands to give himself speed 255 and run the length of a race with Rainbow instantly (because it is bound to happen)?
2) will the material capabilities of Dante update as Minecraft updates in real life? such as suddenly having all the new crafting blocks and scaffolding and bamboo etc. when 1.14 comes around.

Good, it was already selected!

..... A good minecraft crossover? Is the world ending? ARMAGEDDON! CHAOS IN THE STREETS!

idk about good, yet. It's a bit too short to really tell.

But there's a lot of potential.

Thanks for the food for thought friend.

Thanks to you. I just realized I can colour my text. thanks.

Some lasers can kill while in creative!

You are also welcome!
We are helping so many people today! YAY! :pinkiehappy:

in response to the text in the cover art;
╎ ᓵᔑリ ↸𝙹 ᔑリ||ℸ ̣ ⍑╎リ⊣ ʖᒷℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ ᒷ∷ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᔑリ ||𝙹⚍
It is a bit hard to read, but works!

I think he is way to calm about being in magic pony land. And who would reasonably say 'oh hey im in that minecraft server I was building, neat' with no panic. You should slow the story down, to much is happening in far to few paragraphs.

Glich text generator and upside-down text generator

More criticism! I don't think twilight would act like that at all. She's cekestias protege and one of the smartest ponys in equestria. She wouldn't instantly throw a giant laser beam. She definitely wouldn't be as Carless to throw it inside and knock herself out to do it.

I understand what you mean, and I appreciate the feedback.

Hmm, some pacing issues ofc, but this is pretty good. Haven't read a good MC/Pony fanfic in ages, I'm really looking forward to this. The idea with the admin console thing is genius too, I love it. Also, there goes World Hunger with his new powers :p

Oh, which mod at the comment options are those generators? They might be useful in a story.

Ok, how do I send it to a comment or story?

alright. just asking, how many others realized what the series was?

But, but, I wrote two chapters today... :fluttercry:

More vill come later mien freund! :trollestia:

ah, the 'stick with game crashing variables attached' experiment, i loved that one, im pretty sure the junk i left lying around the server from the first two series of that experiment made everyone very cautious of touching my stuff, series three was fine, but you couldnt be entirely sure which one you ended up with till you had it in your inventory and in some cases even that was too much

excellent work mine friend :ajsmug:

this story is better than anything I can manage to write.

The scene with the signs? Absolutely hilarious. Best thing ever

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