• Published 3rd Dec 2018
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Admin Abuse - blackhotmetal

What do you do if you are the Admin of a world of ponies? Use your power on a whim obviously, or don't I guess.

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Chapter Three (Edited)

Mayor Mare sat down in her office chair, and across the desk, Dante stood with his arms crossed. "Uh, so…" Dante started, as an awkward silence filled the room. "Yeah. Um… sorry about that yesterday… what with the signs and all," he finally managed to say while eyeing the unintended destruction scattered across the floor. "I'm sure you have questions and I'm willing to answer them for you," he said while forcing a smile.

"Ah, yes, I do actually have a few questions." Mayor Mare seemed to perk up a bit upon seeing the non-hostile and apologetic approach he was trying. "Mister ADMIN:NotDustYet, could you explain the-"

She was suddenly cut off as the front doors of the building exploded in a bright purple flash. Mayor Mare shrieked and turned to face the explosion, and Dante had a startled and concerned look on his face. Smoke filled the building as Dante turned his head to face Mayor Mare. "What the heck was that?” he cried.

"I have no idea," she responded.

"WHERE ARE YOU, MONSTER?" a raspy voice yelled through the smoke. Dante turned his attention to the direction the voice came from.

A bright blue blur came through the smoke, headed right for Dante's face. He instinctively put his arm up and flinched. Something bumped into his arm, then a loud thump echoed through the building. He put his arm down and looked up around the area where the blue blur came from, but saw nothing. He heard a groan come from the floor right in front of him. Looking down, he saw a mythical creature that had blue fur and hair with all the colors of the visible light spectrum. It was also crumpled up on the floor like it had been hit by a semi. "Holy schnikes Batman, it's a pegasus!" he said, more to himself than to anyone else. Wait, how did it not bowl me over? It had to be going like forty miles an hour, he thought.

"Stop right there, you monster." Dante looked up to see a group of four very colorful ponies standing in the remains of the front doors as the smoke cleared. There was an orange one with a stetson on, a white one with a horn, a purple one with both a horn and wings that was standing in the front of the group, and a yellow one in the back. They all looked pretty mad for some reason. Well, all except for the yellow pegasus, who was currently hiding behind the white unicorn and looked like it wanted to turn invisible. Wait, we have UNICORNS now?! Dante's mind screamed.

The purple one noticed and gaped at the unconscious and badly-battered-looking Skittles advertisement on the ground. The shocked look was quickly replaced with a glare. "What did you do to Rainbow Dash?" the purple unicorn–pegasus hybrid demanded. What would that be called? A unicus, unisus, pegacorn, two-eyed one-horned flying purple-people-eater?

That last thought made a smirk slip onto Dante's face. This only enraged the purple-people-eater more. Dante quickly cleared his face and tried to say, "Wait! This is a mis-" He blanched as the pega-uni-pony charged at him. That horn looks mighty sharp there, pardner, he thought as he quickly glanced around for an escape route. The pony skidded to a halt on the hardwood floor stopping about five feet away. It pointed its uni-horn at him and started glowing a light purple. As the light grew in intensity, he thought, I've got a bad feeling about this.

Suddenly, the purple glow turned into a blinding flash. Dante, oh so gracefully, flailed his whole body to the side and landed on his stomach on the ground a few feet to the right of where he had been standing. Glancing back, he saw a sharp beam of energy blast through the space he had been occupying a second ago. An immense roar filled the air, accompanied by a heatwave that he swore could melt the sun.

As the sound and light died down, the purple murder machine fell over from what looked like fatigue. Some of its hairs were singed, but surprisingly, the blue pegasus, presumably the one named Rainbow Dash, was behind it unharmed. Well, aside from its apparent date with the front end of a train, he thought. Dante's eyes drifted from the pony terminator and the living rainbow to the direction the laser beam went. He felt a knot form in his stomach when he saw a perfect three foot diameter smoldering hole in the wall of the building. Behind that was a giant chunk of forest now carved out like a glacier valley, except that it was black and smoldering as well. That could have been me. That could have been ME! his thoughts yelled. He slowly turned his head to face the rest of the group of now equally surprised and terrified ponies.

"Are you OK?" the timid yellow pegasus asked.

"Am I OK?" Dante parroted. "That could have been me standing there!" he cried as he pointed a finger at the giant hole in the wall and forest. "Friggin' unbelievable! What even is that thing?" he yelled hysterically whilst gesturing at the purple pony, "Doctor Evil's latest creation?!" The yellow pony hid its face under its hooves at his outburst.

"Now calm down, buddy. Twilight ain't evil," the stetson pony said in a southern drawl.

"Calm down?! I nearly just got disintegrated!" he choked out.

The white one glanced at the orange one and said, "Yes, we saw that. Perhaps we could deescalate this situation a touch?" Dante decided that, since the lavender laser gun was currently out of service, it would be best to just try to talk it out. He took a few deep breaths and let his stress level recede a bit. "Since we are all acting like civilized ponies now maybe we can get this mess sorted without the use of violence, Yes?" Still shaken, Dante thought, Violence? More like tactical nukes.

A groaning cut through his thoughts. He immediately assumed that the purple one had awoken and was going to try to 'final flash' him again. He scrambled up into a defensive stance. There was silence for a few seconds then he heard, "Ugh. My head is killing me. It feels like I sonic rainboomed into the side of Canterlot Mountain."

"Rainbow, you're awake," the white one pointed out, walking over to check on the stirring blue pegasus.

"Rarity? What happened?" Rainbow asked as she shakily rolled over and sat up to her haunches. Oh thank god, now I can't get blamed for an accidental death, Dante thought.

Death-Pony-9000 stirred. Dante immediately reacted by ducking behind an overturned chair. "What did I miss, girls?" purple Satan slurred. Definitely nothing west of here, he thought nervously.

"Twilight, good tah see yah up and kickin'," the orange one said.

"Where did the monster go? Did it get away? Is Rainbow alright?" the now named Twilight asked hurriedly.
Since most of the tension had left the room and no more explosions or death beams were flying around, Mayor Mare decided to speak her mind whilst glaring daggers, "All of you… GET. OUT. NOW." Dante had no problem with bolting out of the now doorless building as he definitely did not want to see any more lethal pony tricks today. Sprinting like his life depended on it, he ran in the opposite direction of the town. He was gone and ain't nobody’s gonna stop him.


By the time he had reached the edge of the forest, his adrenaline was already wearing off, and thoughts were coming in more rationally. This made him realize, I just SPRINTED for like fifteen minutes straight and I'm not even out of breath. I also could have used the console at any point in that whole fiasco and it would have been much less traumatizing. He inhaled deeply.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH," he screamed at the top of his lungs venting his frustration at his own ignorance. "Stupid," he scolded himself, punctuating the word with a hard punch to the trunk of a tree. Instead of the expected reverberating pain up his arm, he was met with the center of the tree trunk exploding away from his hand, littering the ground with splinters while not leaving so much as a scratch on his knuckles. The top half of the tree fell to the ground with a deafening crash. "So I was even in Creative the whole time too?" He shook his head and chuckled a bit. "Well, at least I know I have nothing to be afraid of now. I should go back and try to talk again. Surely they will have calmed down a bit by the time I get back to town to refrain from shooting lasers at me," he reasoned. Not that it matters now that I know I'm freaking invincible. Yeah I'll go back. Maybe later though. For now I just want to chill for a bit. With his thoughts in order, he started to observe his surroundings.

He found a small pond just inside the treeline and took a look at his reflection. He decided to do a little self-inspection to see how he had changed. The person staring back at him had light skin, blue eyes, light brown hair and freckles. He was wearing a short blue and gold trimmed robe with slightly large sleeves. It felt like it was made from silk, but it was very thick. It was not stuffy despite the thickness. Underneath was a plain white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, and on his feet were a pair of black running shoes with white soles. All in all, he looked like his Minecraft skin, but alive and not 32-bit. As he admired his reflection, he remembered a line from a funny video series he saw once. "Dang, I'm looking GOOOOOD!"

Author's Note:

I'll write till I drop. (or run dry on plotline) I'll probably drop first though. I have so many IDEAS!!! :pinkiehappy:
Criticism is welcome. If you don't like the story let me know why so I can use your advice to improve as a writer.

I changed the interaction between Dante and Twilight a bit. I hope that it is more coherent and my idea is conveyed more accurately.
This chapter has been edited by Doggyshakespeare and myself