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This story is a sequel to A Crafter's Dream

I watched the redone version of Suction Cup Man yesterday, and thought, "What if this was with Steve?" And, here is the result. Not going to lie, I think I did pretty well

Suction cup man belongs to Piemations. Obviously.
Steve as a character belongs to Mojang, while Steve as an idea belongs to me.

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I'm Suction-cup Man LOOK AT ME GO! (also, FIRST!)

You my friend, are a true artist.:ajsmug:

I'm a Minecraft hater, but curse you for tempted me cause of similarity to Suction-Cup Man.

Suction Cup Man is comin’ round
My sucking powers have no bounds
Suction cups all red and shit
I’m pretty hot you must admit
Do not test my sucking power
I’ll climb your tower in just an hour.
You can’t kill me, I’m way too cool.
I’m smudging up your windows fool!

Did anyone eles read this in their original voices from the animation?

Thank you for writing this.

Will there be a sequel to this?

Just take my upvote and leave.

Hahahahahahaha oh my God this is so FUCKING good.

Pick-axe man is coming round
My mining powers have no bounds
Pick-axes all blue and shit
It's pretty cool, you must admit.
Do not test my mining power
I'll climb your wall in just an hour.
You can't kill me, I'm way too cool.
I'm messing up your brickwork fool!

I don't think it's possible not to.

Shooting to his feet, he pointed a finger at the two shocked guards. “Ha! Fuck you, you can’t kill Pick-axe man! Look at me go!!” With that, he ran off as fast as he could. Neither of the guards moved, choosing instead to simply watch the Crafter speed away. It wasn’t until he had already disappeared from sight that one of them spoke.

I choose to believe that he crab waddled away like fucking Zoidberg.

Yes, that sounds better


I love this

Congratz, you got featured. 8/3/2019

You have to do Parts 2 and 3 Dude it would be epic hahaha

Nice comment bro

:rainbowlaugh: I watched Piemation's full suction cup man series a while back! It was hilarious, as was this!

My Little Pony, but it's Suctioncraft Man.

Oh my gosh, that name is amazing. Thank you.

You're welcome

Pick-axe Man!
One more time, baby. Oh Celestia!
His name is Pick-axe Man!
I’m like a superhero but buckin pointless!
Buck you, he’s Pick-axe Man!
Just try to get me off your wall!


That's it, it's decided. I'm doing the other two parts, as well as the song. It's going to happen.

This is art at it's finest put through a machine on very fine setting over and over and over again XD

Your wish is granted, part 2 is up now.

“I have a plunger!!”

Should've been a shovel. Game over.


Thank You

You kinda ruined whole fun by being too detailed. You can't describe everything around in detail when writing humor, especially someone else's humor. It's plain obvious there are two completely different styles.

I hear ya, and as surprising as it may be, I agree with you. However, Fimficrion has a policy where you have to have a certain amount of words, and as such, I add more words to accommodate. The original version only had around 500-600 words instead of 1002.

Glad I could bring a smile to ya. Feel free to use it if you want! :pinkiehappy:

XD, yes, i look forward to the adventures of pick-axe man

I can’t stop laughing!

basically suction cup man

A few moments later, instead of being yelled at again, the Crafter instead felt a bolt of magic slam into his back, knocking him off the castle wall. Biting his tongue to keep from crying out in surprise and pain, he quickly reached into his inventory. Grabbing a spare ender pearl, he brought his arm back before chucking it as hard as he could towards the ground. Moments later, he felt a familiar sensation in his stomach and he suddenly found himself face-planting onto the hard ground.

Wait, what? Didn’t Steve say he couldn’t go down?

Steve gave a heavy sigh, groaning in frustration for a moment before responding. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, I can’t!!”

The guard gave him a confused expression. “Why the hay not?!!”

“I can’t go down, you dumbass, I can only go up!!” The Crafter yelled, pointing up with one pick-axe.

Huh.... well that’s a plot hole.

Lol this is basically the exact same thing and it’s still funny as hell!

Personally, I find it funnier because it's Royal Equestrian guards, who, canonically? Are about as smart as sand. Because that would be an insult to Boulder if I said about as smart as rocks. Sans Shining of course. And they're ponies. Which makes it even funnier because he choose an earth pony to do the bit of the business man. Not a unicorn.

“It goes a little something like this!!” Steve strummed a few cords. “FUCK YOU!!”

Honestly, I expected something like

“Shut the fuck up. You’re a fucking c***. Shut the fuck up. You’re a fucking c*** suck my dick.”

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