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After years of separation, Sunrise Sparkle finally reunites with her friends.

Written for the Equestria at War 2020 Writing Contest.

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So...what happens now?

Who knows? Will the girls remain true to their ideals or will they embrace the light of Daybreaker's version of harmony just like Twilight and Spike before them? That, my friend, is for you to decide on your own.

Man, I loved this!

I really, really liked it a lot! Just wish it had been longer, you 'ought to consider expanding on it once the contest is over.

Thanks, man. I might consider doing that, but if I did, it would a series of one shots like this rather than a single narrative.

Not to plug, but I'm doing the same thing! Its definitely the way to go!

You know, you had me until it was made clear that this is from the absolute mess of a universe that gave rise to THE worst named evil Twilight ever.

Then you lost me. Up to a certain point, I could get Celestia being so fucking stupid to think that this was a good idea. Then Twilight gets the short end of the stick, and the universe is dead to me.

I'm not sorry about the language, and it's not you. It's the universe you choce to put this that ruins it for me.

Sorry you feel that way. I personally don't get your animosity towards the EaW-verse (I think it's spectacular), but hey, it isn't for everyone.

Pretty nice, can't wait for a sequel

What exactly is so terrible about "Sunrise Sparkle" though?

I mean, think about it: Would Daybreaker, a corrupted version of Celestia, want her personal Pupil and right-hand Mare to be called 'Twilight', a Name that in of itself implies the setting of the Sun?

There are two Reasons for the Name change, in my eyes: To cut ties between Twilight and her old life from before the War, as well as making her Name fitting for a Pony that is quite literally the favourite of the Solar Empress.

I mean yeah, you can argue that you don't like the sound of the Name, sure, and that's fine. But you seem to be taking it a bit far with this with claiming that it makes no sense and whatnot.

I know, I've had a chat with him on my own Stories once or twice, as well.

I enjoyed this a lot, I like how despite a lack of action you still managed to create this heavy feeling of suspense and dread.

YES! A Sunrise Sparkle fic on fimfiction. Its really hard to find anyone writing this content. Equestria At War lore is great regardless though XP. Now all I need to do is play the Solar Empire. It's next in my list. (I've done the Lunar Empire, Crystal Empire(Sombra), and the Deer (Orlenia? or smth).

Sunrise Sparkle tbh sounds so fucking lit. An overpowered-corrupted-Alicorn Twilight Sparkle. Wth is not to like? This puts Midnight Sparkle to shame.

Great Story!

This was a fun fic.

Interesting take on this whole situation I really liked your choice to have Spike turned along with Twilight, it gives you an opportunity for a very interesting dynamic between the two.

I also liked Fast Clip. The competent soldier who doesn't care much about politics and just wants to serve the country he vowed to protect. It showed a very under-represented side of any conflict. "People" who just don't care all that much. People who are not all that committed to either side ideologically, and just want to do their thing. In Fast Clips case, his thing is still war because he is a general, but I got the distinct feeling if he was a baker he would be doing that. This I think is a natural consequence of the nature we view history: Through stories. And only those people tell stories who have something interesting to tell.

But let's face it while some people will be out on the streets protesting/rioting for things they believe in, most people are gonna stay in their living rooms and watch it on Fox news.

And while there was plenty of things I liked in this story, I felt it was a series of missed opportunities. I was like:

  • Oh, I get to know how Twalot manages to succumb the hotbed of the revolution in a single day! ...oh shucks, no.
  • Oh, I get to see how Starlight managed to build up the resistance, that's like super interesting! ...oh shucks, no.
  • Oh, I get to see the desperate and pointless fight of the resistance till the bitter end! MAXIMUM heart-wrench for the win! ...oh shucks, no.
  • Oh, I get to see how Twilight was changed into Sunrise Sparkle through their introspective reminiscing with Spike! ...oh shucks, no.
  • Oh, I get to see an epic showdown between master and student, between one friend and an other! ...oh shucks, no.
  • Oh, I get to see how Twilight tries to convince her friends while they desperately try to make her remember who she was! ...oh shucks, no.
  • Oh, if all else fail at least like I get to see Daybreaker at the peak of her power, it's gonna be like that one scene with Darth Vader in Rogue one! ...oh shucks, no.

It seems like you were so focused to not force your opinion on the readers about the conversion of the girls you forgot to write a story about it.

That being said I did like your story especially the first half, I think you stroke the balance well between the Twilight we know and the evil bitch she became. I think you could have lost the whole "ups old habits die hard" bits but other than that she was great.

I'll admit that the story wasn't all it could be, but that was due to time constraints in regards to the contest and my lack of experience in regards to things like action scenes. I also was going for a more character-centric story rather than an action-packed one, because that's the type of material I'm used to writing. Thank you for the comment, I'll keep what you said in mind.

So what happens next? The story ended before the confrontation occured.

So the question is, which Focus does the Solar Empire take? Forgiveness or Justice? Let the girls go? Or end them?

you hear a familiar voice from somewhere
twilight! Stay strong! This isn't you!

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