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When the Changelings invaded, Equestria was unprepared. The embrace of Harmony was shattered quickly as the Changelings pushed through, heading deeper into Equestria. The Princesses pushed executive edicts, that forced conscription, Wartime Industrial Policy, a censored press and revoking Harmonic rights.

The stress became to much for Celestia to bear as she knew how many of her ponies continued to fall in battle. She grew angry at the Changelings and gave speeches to her ponies that denounced the actions the Changelings committed.

The final straw was at the battle of Canterlot. In a fit of rage, Celestia changed. A fire as bright as her sun engulfed her. She was reborn into Daybreaker and led her ponies forth as the Sol Empress. The Solar Empire was forged and with it, a new regime.

Princess Luna fled as her sister became a tyrant, only wanting the complete destruction of the Changelings and full submission of her ponies. Seven years have passed and the Solar Empire is reaching Vraks, a Changeling Hive that is known for its Steel and Industry. A young Unicorn is on the front, newly recruited and in full belief that the Solar Empress is destined for greatness in ponykind.

As the Young Unicorn approaches Vraks, the battle becomes intense.

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what id like to see is a full equestria at war fic from the start of the game to the end as celestia

I may make a fanfiction on a beginning to end "Equestria at War," but as of now I am focused on another story.

I look forward to it if you do.....maybe go to stellaris as well...shame there arnt very many stellaris fanfics( or civ 5 for that matter)

If you only knew how much I love Stellaris, but if I am to make a Stellaris MLP. It will have to involve the Commonwealth of Man along with Sidney Beauclair.

Day breaker? Check! Sunrise Sparkle?!?! CHECK!

Great story, I always have loved the Solar Empire route in EaW.

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