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By year 1010, the Changelings have become more aggressive. They have conquered Olenia, home of the reindeer and coerced the Polar Bears to the north to submit. The situation in diplomatic talks have broken down as Equestrians found the Changelings to be warmongers. A small portion of the Equestrian Army and Navy have been sent to the border to ensure that the Changelings do not invade Equestria.

This was a scare tactic by Grand-Commander Prince Blueblood, to tell the Changelings that Equestria was off-limits. It was believed that the Changelings would return to talks soon after this show of force.

A young Pegasus who joined the Royal Canterlots Division was assigned to a city close to the border. The cities name was Acornage, a quiet city that upheld the virtues in harmony. The young Pegasus craving the adventure and belief that Equestria is unconquerable assures friends and family back home with letters that the Changelings are not a threat. Little does this Pegasus know, these letters will be the only comfort in the near future.

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It is wonderful but also sad. I really feel the sadness of this war, hope you will write more

Thank you, I do intend to forge more short stories. I am currently in the process of working on another.

Happy to hear Mr. Zebra

Hmmm, will remember to read later. Might inspire something

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