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Rosa Maledicta the Queen of Blood, resides in the far north. I have followed her since our times in Equestria. She taught me how to wield dark magic. She gave me the knowledge that I never had the chance to be given. She nurtured me to who I am today. I am forever in her debt.

Oh my Queen, how I look up to you. I am graced with your guidance, knowledge and presence. As one who has been formally taught by you, I will lay down my life and use any means to protect.

I am your pupil.

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When the Changelings invaded, Equestria was unprepared. The embrace of Harmony was shattered quickly as the Changelings pushed through, heading deeper into Equestria. The Princesses pushed executive edicts, that forced conscription, Wartime Industrial Policy, a censored press and revoking Harmonic rights.

The stress became to much for Celestia to bear as she knew how many of her ponies continued to fall in battle. She grew angry at the Changelings and gave speeches to her ponies that denounced the actions the Changelings committed.

The final straw was at the battle of Canterlot. In a fit of rage, Celestia changed. A fire as bright as her sun engulfed her. She was reborn into Daybreaker and led her ponies forth as the Sol Empress. The Solar Empire was forged and with it, a new regime.

Princess Luna fled as her sister became a tyrant, only wanting the complete destruction of the Changelings and full submission of her ponies. Seven years have passed and the Solar Empire is reaching Vraks, a Changeling Hive that is known for its Steel and Industry. A young Unicorn is on the front, newly recruited and in full belief that the Solar Empress is destined for greatness in ponykind.

As the Young Unicorn approaches Vraks, the battle becomes intense.

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By year 1010, the Changelings have become more aggressive. They have conquered Olenia, home of the reindeer and coerced the Polar Bears to the north to submit. The situation in diplomatic talks have broken down as Equestrians found the Changelings to be warmongers. A small portion of the Equestrian Army and Navy have been sent to the border to ensure that the Changelings do not invade Equestria.

This was a scare tactic by Grand-Commander Prince Blueblood, to tell the Changelings that Equestria was off-limits. It was believed that the Changelings would return to talks soon after this show of force.

A young Pegasus who joined the Royal Canterlots Division was assigned to a city close to the border. The cities name was Acornage, a quiet city that upheld the virtues in harmony. The young Pegasus craving the adventure and belief that Equestria is unconquerable assures friends and family back home with letters that the Changelings are not a threat. Little does this Pegasus know, these letters will be the only comfort in the near future.

Chapters (1)