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Delays · 10:47am January 12th

I'm sorry to announce that there has been a delay with the most recent chapter in the book 'The World is my Sandbox'.

I've been quite busy and haven't exactly had much time to write on it. Saying that; the chapter has so far hugely exceeded my original expectations, instead of the initial 4000 words I was aiming for. As of this moment, it's currently above 7000.

So be prepared for that.

I can, however, guarantee it'll come out by this Friday.


A New Short Story! · 9:09am Aug 4th, 2019

Over the course of a semester, I've been slowly, painstakingly, been writing another short story in my spare time, now, it's done! (Well, almost)

Here a description of the book: It's a conversation between Hitler and Aryanne Hoofler.

That's it.

Also, the next chapter for 'The World is my Sandbox' book will come out on Tuesday.


A Milestone? · 1:00pm Jul 24th, 2019

Sometimes, I check my fimFiction account, sometimes I don't. But today, I noticed something entirely peculiar...I HAVE 50 FOLLOWERS.

Which at the beginning I wasn't expecting, at all.
Especially considering I tend to achieve less than 65% (which is a B for Australian standards) on my English assignments.
One week ago, I was at 49 followers. So, honestly, It's now not much of a surprise.

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Well, fuck · 4:22am Jun 22nd, 2019

When you spend two whole weeks; compleating assignments, studying, attempting to research places I could possibly watch 'Saga of Tanya the Evil Movie', and playing Hearts of Iron 4, then, you realise you haven't even written 100 words on your next chapter.

My one reaction, 'Well, shit.'

And worst of all, someone stole my charger and my computer is about to run out of battery.

But somehow, I will finish this next chapter, even if it kills me.


Sorry for Delay · 1:21pm Apr 7th, 2019

Sorry guys for the delay on updates for 'The World is my Sandbox', I've had a busy few weeks, and this next chapter, is a biggie. At this very moment, it's over 5000 words long, my biggest chapter so far, and it's taken 10 hours of writing time. I must admit, more of Atomic's/Jack's character is revealed, and there are some freaky elements.

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The World will Topple · 6:12am Feb 16th, 2019

The World is My Sandbox:

"If you have a dog, I must have a dog. If you have a rifle, I must have a rifle. If you have a club, I must have a club. This is equality."
-Malcolm X

Every country must have equally powerful armies, this is what the world runs on, and is how they will come to their ultimate demise.


Story Teaser · 4:48am Jan 28th, 2019

I decided to release the flag design for the Griffons Empire, in the book, 'The World is my Sandbox'.

Can you guess what the colours represent?


Inspiration Ideas · 4:42am Jan 20th, 2019

I recently watched an anime TV Show called 'The Saga of Tanya the Evil', normally I'm not one for animes, however, I made an exception. It has provided me with serval ideas that could possibly work in the story.

For those of you that aren't aware of the show, it's in the POV of an antagonist soldier, based in an alternate dimension, in-between WW1 and 2.


Princess Luna's Energy Output · 11:10am Jan 16th, 2019

This is sorta a little spoil on a future incoming chapter.

Princess Luna
Dark Energy Statistics
Average Wavelength: Low
Average Frequency: Medium

Current Releases:
001: Releasing overflow of energy, too much taken from the environment.


Creating A New Story · 8:20am Jan 13th, 2019

I'm in the process of writing a new book called "The Universe is my Sandbox", I've spent so far around ten hours on it and have done extensive editing (currently up to fourth chapter). This is ONE of my first books, and thus is the reason why I require to place more patience into it. Once it is released, I hope you enjoy.