• Published 27th Feb 2019
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the gods known as "humans"? - A lost anonymous

a creature (human) returns to the world his supposed "predecessors" created

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Ch7: all aboard the plot train!

Author's Note:

hello everyone.
i apologize in advance..
i'll be shipping out for a while (business trip overseas) so i might not be able to tend to this fic (or get online) for at least 2 weeks

anyway, i made this chapter a little longer to make up for future lost time

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Princess Luna:

During the founding of their beloved equestria, she and her sister: princess Celestia, had ruled equestria with love and compassion. Till she fell into corruption and was banished to the moon for a thousand years.

But after her confrontation with the new bearers of harmony, she's now doing her best (and damndest) to both correct her past mistakes, and win back the hearts of her subjects.

Starlight Glimmer was her unsung achievement. Once a Pony determined to usurp her and her sister and bring her own 'true harmony' to equestria by removing the cutie mark, is now one of the best sorceresses the order of the Eclipse can ever have.

And also her very first friend she made herself without the help of the bearer of magic...

From the hushed battles between races as each try and gain power over their neighbors, to loose ends the crown needed cleaning. She and Starlight were at the thick of it in any fights the order of the Eclipse got into.

The anomaly recorded in southwest equestria was supposed to be just another routine investigation for her group. Agent Shimmer said it was some sort of magical dimensional rift but she paid that information no mind.

She now wished that she did after getting her mind nearly fried and her virgin body almost violated by mana over surge courtesy of the first human since her ancestor's ancestors days..

She doesn't know what happened after her first over surge, but she awoke from a sudden tug from her horn.

At first, she groggily paid it no mind and tried to return to the loving embrace of the blanket she's under. Till she saw the moon's luminescence increase on the wall in front of her

When she looked back, she saw her moon suddenly drew itself close.... Too close to the planet.

She sprung out of her bed and quickly attempted to push it back but somehow, her moon doesn't obey her command.

As if someone stole her moon. With it her night.

She tried to control her stars but to her shock, even they won't listen to their sovereign.

She tried to gain access to the dreamscape but she was shunned away before she could reach the door.

Panic slowly creeped up to her mind as the embodiment of her cutie mark, her very talent, her reason of existence was taken away from her.

She quickly casted a tracking spell to know whoever stole her night. She quickly got a ping, and the signature is all too familiar for her horn.

The human stole her night.

With a will of a princess, she threw open her bedroom door. Startling the few guards posted to guard her but she paid them no mind and began following her trail.

"y-your majesty!?? Please return to bed!! You just went through a mana surge!! You must not move this much yet!!" one of her guards complained as he galloped after the lunar diarch

"not now guardspony. A national crisis is happening as we speak." Luna said as she galloped after the track her spell is showing.

The therstal guard didn't respond but instead, he galloped back to the opposite directon.

"I'll call for reinforcements" he calls back.

She only gave a nod as she sped through the chapel's hallways till she reached a set of double doors where her tracking spell ends.

Throwing all caution to the four winds, she switched on her royal canterlot voice and blew off the doors with her magic.

"Giveth mé backeth mine own moon human!!!!"


Princess Luna stirred awake fro her bed as she feel a pounding headache as her sister's sun warms her back from the chapel's window.

"Oh thank Faust you're awake..." A sigh of relief was heard from the door as Starlight Glimmer walked in with a tray held by her magic.

"Ugh... Starlight?? Where... H-HOW CAN THAT BE??????" The lunar princess's mind recovered and updated to the ongoing anomaly which is the sun raised without her lowering the moon.

"Luna please calm down.... Here drink this first. I'll explain" her agent said as she lifted a cup of neighpon tea to her.

"Ok first things first, what do you remember last night?" Starlight asked as she took a seat near Luna's bed.


Then once more, the mind of the Lunar diarch updated as it recovered more lost memories. She remembered her panicked actions last night: her grand entrance, her spell's failures, and her attempted murder of a deity...

Luna shakily drank her morning tea as the future consequences of her anger-borne decisions creeped up into her mind...

But was put aside by the loss of her night..

"Mine night has been stolen b-"

"Try to reconnect your magic to your moon. See for yourself" Starlight cut the princess of the night off.

And much to the latter's surprise, she felt her beloved night reach back to her, the stars calling her, and the door of the dreamscape opening its doors to her once more.

Like everything that has happened last night was just a horrible nightmare.

"Where is the human right now?"

"In the dining area with Sigil.. Apparently, it never stole you beloved night. Just hacked your control over it for a short while.. it did lowered it though while you were sleeping."

"Any chance that he explained why he provoked our guards last night?"

"it thought we were vagrant bandits.. The nerve of that ape....."

"Why he touched our horn?"

"Thought it was being ignored"

"Why he didn't fought back against us last night?"

"it doesn't want any trouble it said."

"We see... Thank you my friend"

"I-I-it's nothing!! Really!! That's what I'm supposed to do as your agent right??" The Eclipse agent stammered as she turned her head Away from the bed. A slight blush failed to be noticed by the princess of the night.

"We will speak to him personally and explain our brash actions last night" princess Luna spoke as she tried to leave her bed but was stopped by a pull from her tail, and a hoof on her tuft .

"You just went through a mana oversurge Luna. Norway in tartarus you leaving the bed" The eclipse agent proclaimed as she stood over the lunar diarch.

"But we must! It is part of our duty as princess and leader to take the blame for for our actions"

"It was just an accident!! Sigil already cleared it up for you and the human."

"Even so, we must speak to the human with regards of his powers. And an explanation to how he came here."

"We'll have plenty of time for that once we get back to canterlot tommorow for now, get some rest"

"We will move tonight Starlight Glimmer"

"Huh? Is because of the moon last night"

"Yes. No doubt the neighboring kingdoms is already acutely aware that a human has entered our lands. It is most likely their spies are now at work of tracking him down."

"Huh, makes sense... But I'm not leaving you with it."

"We won't be alone, as thee said: Sigil is with our human yes? While we brief our human of our immediate departure, could you-"

"Prep up the citizens the usual way. On it. Just-just... Don't do anything stupid again.. Alright?"

"Do not worry my friend. Our mind is clear of panic this morn. Thanks to your tea."

"Hnnnnggggg........ Oh alright.. Just be careful around that... Thing.. I'll at least walk with you there" Starlight surrendered as the lunar diarch disembarked her bed and exits her room with the agent. Saluting their guards as they walked by.

"Any explanations as to how he is able to suddenly learn our language?" The princess of the night questioned as they walked.

"it didn't.. Some sort of spell was suddenly casted on it and it's able to communicate with us without any aid from glyphs or enchanted items. And the spell is a new matrix. We could actually consider it a revolutionary hex design"

"Did he casted the spell?"

"it doesn't believe in magic. Apparently, the world it came from is devoid of it so it doesn't know how to cast any spells. So that is pretty much impossible given it's current knowledge."

"He might have unconsiously casted it onto himself."

"it can't even read basic Equish Luna... How in equestria is it be able to cast spells?"

"We see... Has Celestia been informed of our find?"

"I used up the last dragon parchment to write her a letter"

"Any replies yet"

"We're waiting"

"Anything else worth noting while we are in slumber?"

"Magic is completely useless against it. ANY Magic. Whenever a spell hits it, it quickly turns into fine magicule dust."

"We noticed his immunity to magic... But the magicule?"

"We don't have the equipment needed to test its purity. But your tussle with it made at least 250 grams worth"

"By the sun... 250?"

"Yep! 250."

The two mares pondered on as they reached the doors to the dining hall of the chapel

With the departure of Starlight, and a final check over herself, princess Luna nodded to the stationed guard and steeled herself in confronting the human with a level head this time.

While she's expecting an angry human who would smite her as soon as she enters his sight, or be enslaved by the human and enter her mind, or be asked by the human to earn her repentance by the use of her body, she wasn't expecting to see him with a Loony grin as a ball of some sort of silvery liquid changes shape in front of him while it is levitated by a glow similar to his raised hands..

And completely, and blatantly. Ignoring her.

"Extraordinary... To be able to freely manipulate the composition of such metals so easily.. Only discord is able to do such magic" Sigil Tome commented as he wrote down something on a book infront of him.

"Damn... Wish I had this back in the office." The human commented with a smile as the metal changed its shape into some sort of... Something princess Luna can't decipher what.

Then another one that looks like some sort of tool.

And into a dagger (which put the night princess on guard instinctively)

But, seeing that nopony is noticing her presence, she quickly undid her defensive rune, and coughed...


as two pairs of eyes turned to her general direction, one stood up and groveled while another walked up to her...

"Luna! you were supposed to be in bed!!" Sigil exclaimed as he greeted Princess Luna.

"we understand your worries Sigil. but we must speak to the human urgently......." the Lunar diarch lost her words as the awkward silence between her and a grovelling human descends down on them.



"nononononononono.... T'was us who are wrong.. if we could have taken a more diplomatic approach instead of letting our emotions take control last night, we wouldn't have crossed swords."

"B-b-but.. I kinda made the wrong assumptions when we first met.."

"It was us who made the first hostile actions towards you good sir... We and our men should have spoken first"

"Now now now... Why don't we all agree that we all come off to a bad start hmmm?, so why don't start over?. Sir Vann, allow me to introduce Princess Luna: Sovereign of the moon, ruler of the night, and one of the diarchs of the kingdom of Equestria: the land of ponies." Sigil stated with a forehoof introduction.

"Greetings esteemed human" Luna commented with a slight bow as the human stood up (and with a clear mind, she kinda saw him as rather good looking.)

"Princess Luna, this is Mr Vann.."

"Great honor your majesty" the human (Vann) bowed in his own human way.

"Please call us Luna. As thou may have been informed about your kind's role in this world." The lunar diarch answered as she raised for a hoofshake.

"Huh?.. AH!! yes of course.. The god thingy" Vann said as he lightly shook Luna's hoof.

"If we recall to our talks with Starlight.. You came from a world devoid of magic?"

"That's how I left it yes."

"Does your history ever mentioned ponies"

"Not in the way you're thinking I'm sure. Talking equines only existed in our fairytails and legends. Back in my world, humans are the only sentient life but, with a whole world filled with creatures we consider as mythical? No.. Not any that I recall."

"We see... Perchance you would-" Princess Luna was cut off when a dragon mail popped out in front of her. Bearing her sister's seal.

when she opened it it reads:

the news your team brought to me is a bit alarming to say the least.
a HUMAN? of all the creatures we could have faced.
If starlight's words were accurate that it cannot (she insisted to not tell me the gender) use magic, but can summon large amounts mana, enough to overflow an alicorn's reserve, then he could be a danger to both himself, and to others.
as much as it would be advantageous for it to be teleport-ed here to Canterlot, our spies back in HQ had an intel that something is planning to attack the capital on cadence's wedding (which is a day after tomorrow) captain Shining Armour has set up an increased security around our city, including the disabling any teleportation spells, a no-fly-zone. and i invited the Elements as well.
since we had no other alternatives, i already sent Knight One to pick you and your team up (along with Sigil Tome. He's needed by the precogs) from there along with the human. we'll plan our next move as soon you're onboard.
please stay safe.


"what does it say?" Sigil asked Luna, only for her to give him the letter

"this sounds bad..." murmured Sigil reading the letter.

"sir Vann as much as we would like to continue this chat, we need you to come with us"

"huh, why?"

"As our agents had said, you and your kind are considered gods and your interference over our night the previous eve gave our neighbors an inkling that we harbor a human in our country. No doubt they must have sent spies to either confirm your existence or capture you. it is best that we leave the town quickly and take you to a safer place"

"errrrrmmmm..... this may be a bit offensive but.. won't they be unwilling to kidnap me since i'm... well.... a 'god'.. pretty sure they would just want to talk to me or just confirm that i'm here right? if they want to bring me to their country, maybe it's best that i go with them?" the human inquired the two ponies in the room.

"there is a chance that they would try to dissect you, make you their slave, or turn you into a lab rat" Sigil answered grimly to the human

"or make me their god-king" the human replied optimistically.

"and put thee in a cage and be raped by countless females. Sir Vann please... we may not have been the best hostess since your arrival in our kingdom, but we implore you... trust us just this once.. we promise that no harm will come unto you." Luna begged as she lowered her head to the ground in front of the human

"geez.. if you're willing to go that far, alright" Vann relented as he knelt and reached out to Luna's head.

"thank you Sir Vann... any chance we have time before Knight One arrives" Sigil asked as Luna stood to her full height.

and right on cue, a hex call contacted the Lunar diarch as the three exited the dining room.

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttttt....................team midnight, team midnight, this is Knight One. we are on approach to stableside. ETA 6 minutes"

"understood Knight One. we will rendezvous a few miles off the station. Meet you there"

"well that was rather fast, let's meet up at the main entrance. i'll prepare my things" Sigil replied as the human and two ponies egress the room.


1st POV: Vann

well that was rather stellar....

after making up with the princess that i nearly killed, (accidentally by the way) and getting a short brief from her while Sigil left.

as we reached the chapel's main hall, i saw one of the most gawking scenes i ever seen so far in this world:

there is Starlight Glimmer, standing in what seems to be a giant magical circle, the pews has been moved to the side as she shut her eyes and grit her teeth as her horn shines like a hand flare all while the circle surrounding her increased it's luminescence.

As the shining circle reached its all time brightness, the pony in the middle suddenly jumped straight up so high, she actually reached the ceiling (which by he way, at least 4 stories high) then plummeted so fast, she's like a purple lightning.

as soon as she made contact to the floor, the entire circle exploded at her hooves and sent a shockwave which surprisingly, just passed through the church walls like a ghost.

"right on time Starlight! we must hurry.. Knight One is well on its way to pick us up along with the human"

"oh good we-wait.. wat?" Starlight said flabbergasted.

"we are leaving today. along with the Human. our new objective is to take him to a more secure area to keep things under wraps"

"yes i get the 'put the human in a safe place but, now?"

"we're afraid so, are the local population taken care of, i take that spell as a yes."

"yeah. they're good"

"ummm... can i ask? what do you mean by 'they're good?" i question the two mares.

"do not worry about them sir Vann... it is best that they don't remember that you came here"

a glare from the purple one stopped me from asking further.. but hey! secret agent stuff ain't my thing so better not ask too many questions. (Father Sigil more or less told me what they are)

"we will meet up with our tranport a few kilometers from stableside station. tell the guards to form up"


after a few minutes, we left the town (a little sad tough.. i never had the chance to say goodbye to the locals) and we're well on our way to the meeting point.

surprisingly, these ponies is actually on their way to the industrial age since they actually had a working train. the tracks are a clear sign of it.

My first thought of their trains was a stephson's rocket replica.. with wooden wheels and overly colorful wagons....

i was not expecting a humongous, 10 wheeled jet-black steampunk war-train with multiple ballistae poking out on the train's boiler and accommodating wagons which made this train at least 50 meters long or more..

"i see that you're impressed sir Vann. this is one of the few personal trains the crown uses in their trips across the land. along with the sky chariot and the airship. our sister also chose this for more low-key trips for both local & international businesses on the continent.

'if this is low-key, i don't want to know what are your normal modes of transport' i thought to myself as i load up my baby into one of the train's wagons.

"Luna, where are headed for anyway and why use an armored train?" father Sigil asked the question I've been planning to ask.

he's also wearing a white tuxedo with a matching tophat ( i swear... this horse is the pony version of that cat baron in ghibli)

"the train is going to Stalliongrad. Starlight and Sir Vann will be transported by train. while we and Sigil will teleport to the capital's outskirts."

"Me?" Starlight exclaimed.

"With her???" i continued.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!" we both sounded our mutual disapproval at Luna's plan

"it think it's best that i stay with Sir Vann instead of Starlight" Fatther Sigil followed with a suggestion.

"we think so too but, alas we are urgently needed at Canterlot due to the intelligence we recieved. and besides, they won't be in the same wagon anyway"

"well that's a relief" i said.

"yes indeed" my soon-to-be traveling companion agrees.

"then it is all settled! Sir Vann and starlight will be travelling together till they reach the safety of their destination. while sigil and i will head to canterlot. best of luck to you two" the midnight mare told us with a smile and vanished with flash along with sigil.

without an exchange of words or pleasantries, me and my babysitter quickly went on our seperate ways. me at the back near the caboose, Starlight in the front just behind the tender.

as i made myself comfortable with my baby, the doors closed and the whistle was blown: signalling our departure from the town of stableside.

i bid a silent goodbye to the local population as i put on my headphones and switched on my music expecting an uneventful trip from here to there.

i really wished it happened that way..