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the gods known as "humans"? - A lost anonymous

a creature (human) returns to the world his supposed "predecessors" created

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Ch 4: into horse town, to the confrontation

1st POV: Vann
2 hours.....

And no progress. At first I thought this'll be easy: just teach the horse a letter, and she'll reply with one of her own...
Nope, as far as I can collect on her, she had at least 5 digits and 45 letters. I only got 23 on me... With 9 digits (not including the combinations). Even my backseat's disappointed..

With that not going anywhere, and night's already here, I decided to get back on the road. She seems to be scared when I signalled her to get back on the backseat, so I put her in front Sitting on the tank

As we continue our travels, I finally caught sight of a town.

"Finally! Civilization..." I said to myself breathing a sigh of relief, till a dozen winged mini-horses suddenly swooped down to the road.
Right in front of a bike going 90 kph....

With the brakes slammed, I pulled a mini stoppie and slingshot my passenger to the ponies in front of us
With an audible plop, my makeshift pony projectile planted her rump straight to one of the winged pony's face. Sending her and the poor sod sliding through the Brick road....

Me and the other ponies looked at the two victims with mouths shut till one of the winged horses suddenly whinnied and rushed in front of me and began yammering while the others prostrated where they stood

"Ummmmmmm hi?" Were the only words I could say amidst the awkward situation.


"it speaks the language of gods!!!" eastern breeze proclaimed as he stand in front of the percieved human...

"PRAISE BE TO MEN!!!!!" his fellow human worshippers shouted as they rejoice the return of one of their deities...

"what the? Eastern!!? How in?... How did you???" the mayor stammers as she untangle herself from the pony she was piled in

"when I returned to the beach with a few pegasi, you were gone.. When we saw the strange imprints on the sand leading to the road, we though you were abducted by a monster. So we followed the trail until we saw you behind a contraption... A machine driven by a Human, and we saw you two heading back to stable side so we went past you and delivered the holy news to the town: the true makers of equis has returned to bring us to enlightenment!!!! We must-"

" hold up... YOU TOLD THE WHOLE TOWN????????"

"why yes of course!! But nopony believed us... For now. We must take our holy biped to to father sigil!! He must be told at once!!! The holy redemption of ponykind is upon us!! We must prepare!!"

"It shall be done brother Eastern" the mare mayor harvests got tangled into saluted before flying to the human, Nuzzled the human on its thigh, and flew back to town (as the human looked on, completely unaware of the events unfolding)

"Wait!!! We can't just- MFFHH!!!" mayor bountiful harvests tried to protest but was silenced when one of the pegasi put a wet towel on her nose. Quickly knocking her out....

The human saw the mayor fainting and tried to rush to her aid, but Eastern breeze hovered in front of the human. Blocking its path...

"don't be alarmed your evangelical holiness.. She's just tired after being doused with your divine presence.. Please follow us to our town so we may prepare your feast... The ponies of stable side shall bare witness to the beginning of a new equestria.. And the true unity of pony kind.... Eastern breeze proclaimed to the human as he bowed in front of it

It's face remained hidden under the helm, but as it looked between the bowing pegasi, the knocked out mayor, and the beckoning of the other ponies, it seems to have understood their message as spurred its machine to move. Following the group of pegasi while keeping the mayor in its field of vision with one of the claws in the pocket of its legwear.

When the group entered the town proper, the reaction of the local populance are mixed....

While the nonbelievers ran to their homes, those who were humanitics were in shock.

The moment the human crossed stable side's bridge, religious ponies could only come close to touch the as it slowly moved along the streets guided by a group of pegasi with the town mayor knocked out and on the back of one of the makeshift convoy..

The ponies lined up to the streets getting as close as they can get but not to block its path. Some are shedding tears as they clutch their five beaded rosaries and pray as they looked upon the human, others shakily attempt to touch it as it passed in front of them. Not one speaking out loud. Those who believed in the alicorns could only watch the spectacle from their windows.

One young earth pony colt suddenly jumped out of the spectators and and into he front of the human.

"Ummm excuse me sir? Are you really a human?" he innocently asked as she put his front hooves in the front wheel of the machine

The human stopped, swung out a stand from the contraption, and dismounted its vehicle..

And with fluid motions, the human removed its helm and mask, and gave a calm smile to the foal..

The gathered crowed swooned, wept, rejoiced as their fear of a fake human was abolished by his visage.

"Wooooow" as the young stallion admires the human's face he didn't notice that he was lifted up by the human and and carried him back to the sidewalk. Where his obvious mother was staring in shock

"Thank you" the mare said as she shakily retrieve her son from the human's arms.

"M'lord, please let us continue. Father Sigil is waiting for us in the chapel" Eastern breeze said as he bowed at the human's side.

as the convoy slowly reached the town plaza with the church of humanity behind it, a sudden flash of blue light and all of a sudden, the human at the center of the group is trapped in a lightning rune combined with a shield containing the human within. And complemented by arrival of an obsidian black sky chariot with an accompanying squadron of therstals formed behind it caught the rejoicing religious ponies off guard....


"Milady! Stable side is in sight!!" A batpony yelled as he flew in formation with the chariot carrying the lunar diarch and eclipse agent..

"Good! Maintain speed and heading captain." Luna replied as they fly bordering the safe speed of the assault chariot while a light purple unicorn mare is analyzing a rune pointed at the small town ahead

"I can't get any connection from our contacts to the town Luna. There seems to be some sort of jammer interfering with the hex!!!" Agent Starlight Glimmer yelled through the howling winds.

While she may have been a convict for attempting to remove the alicorns from power, Starlight Glimmer's skill in magic is almost in par with Celestia's faithful student. And with her natural magic affinity against dark arts since she herself practiced it before being caught by the order of the Eclipse made her a valuable asset in confronting any if not, all magic anomalies covertly.

"we could be facing a centaur for all we know. It might've drained the town already so prepare capture and isolation spell!!" the princess of the night ordered as fixes her armor while they drew closer to the town.

"Your Highness!! The town seems to be assembling to the streets! There is something in the plaza guarded by the locals!!" A therstal mare yelled as she formed back in formation after flying ahead of the group...

"PREPARE TO MAKE LANDFALL!!! WE'LL GIVE THIS CREATURE A PROPER EQUESTRIAN WELCOME!!! Luna shouted in her usual canterlot shout and the chariot quickly made a steep dive to the town below

As they reached closer and closer to the town, the Eclipse agent shot off a powerful containment spell on the presumed anomaly once she came within range to the creature. startling the surrounding population

While the entourage was expecting blanked eyed ponies and a monster controlling them with some kind of magic, they're not expecting rejoicing ones with a two whelled machine carrying a mythical creature escorted by pegasi. At least not at night..

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!!!???" shouted the leading grey Pegasus stallion as he looked between the trapped human and the princess of the night

""this creature is an unknown individual who have entered our country illegally. as a member of the governing body of this state, we must detain this creature even if he is a human" princess Luna said in a monotone professional manner. But her mind is already reeling from the fact that she and her group just recklessly shot a HUMAN of all things.

as the moon princess ponder her next move, the human believers quickly recovered from their shock and began attempting to break the cage their perceived deity was trapped in while others began yelling curses at Luna and her guards.




*snort* "huh? whu? what in equestria?"


As Luna's guards held up a wall between her and an angry mob, she noticed the human inside the sphere looking at his cell.

then without even caring, he pulled a lever on his machine and pushed through starlight's barrier..
breaking the rune and shield without even getting a scratch..

Luna and her guards including Starlight could only watch slack-jawed as their most powerful containment spell was shrugged off by the human..

as he exited the cell, he dusted his shoulders off and gave the night princess and her entourage a flat look....

"WITNESS THE POWER OF MAN MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!! FOR HE, THE MESSENGER OUR TRUE MAKERS SHOW THE -FFFFFFFFFF" one of the ponies near the human attempt to consolidate her belief of human superiority but was silenced by the human's hand clamping her muzzle shut.

The freed human got off his machine, walked through the confrontation of townsfolk, and to the lunar guards

"Halt human! You are not allowed to go near the princess of he night without her authorization" said one of the guards holding a shield as he attempts to intimidate the human with his spear.

The human answered by simply holding the spear's blade by the base and snapped it off the ebony pole, and pushed the remainder to the side as he moved closer to the lunar diarch

The guards were in shock. Other than their weapons being one of the most well built ones in equestria, it is also heavily enchanted with durability runestones to withstand a dragon's power and punch through its scales. And the human simply snapped it like a twig.

To add salt to wounded pride, the human, with his height and stride, simply skipped over the lunar guards' shield wall completely ignoring them

Starlight recovered from her initial shock and quickly set up another shield between her, Luna, and the human as he closed the gap between them. Luna glaring at the human as she tried to use her magic to either stop the human or enter his mind but to no avail. Even her personal guards and captain attempted to tackle the human down but the only thing they achieved was to hold onto the human by his waist as they are dragged and pushed along his walk.

"how in the stars is he this strong???!!!!" Her guard captain exclaimed as her attempts to restrain the human proved futile, even when the remaining guards began to swarm the human. Pushing and pulling as they too are dragged along closer and closer to the one they're supposed to protect with their lives

"stand back guards. if he wishes to face us, let him be." the lunar diarch proclaimed as she walked forward to rendezvous with the human. all while preparing her blades in case the human decided to be hostile.

till she felt a tug on her tail and looked behind her to see starlight glimmer staring at her wide eyed while holding her tail with her magic.

"are you serious?????" the Eclipse agent whispered at her ear as she approached princess luna.

"our subjects are upset of our brash actions earlier agent Glimmer. we must at least refrain their hostilities if we don't want this to spiral out of our control" the Lunar Diarch replied as she closed the distance between her and the newly pony-unwrapped human.

"greetings esteemed one. We are princess Luna of equestria. Princess of the night, sovereign of the Moon and stars, and the Guardian of dreams. May we ask, who are you, and why are you here?" the lunar princess proclaimed with a no-nonsense approach (even when her head barely reaches the human's chest even at her full height)

The human seems to understand her attempt and answered with a language she can't understand while holding his chest with his bare left hand in which he extend to the night princess palm up.

"That language. Is that dovahzhul?" Starlight Glimmer commented whiletaking notes of the human's physique at the princess's left side

"it is not. And we have never heard of this language before either" Luna replied with a raised eyebrow as she tries her translation magic to find meaning to the human's words.

The human spoke again albeit slower in an attempt to put his words through the language barrier while starlight began conjuring a recording gem to try and collect some words from the human's vocabulary.

Till the human decided to poke the lunar diarch's horn with his bare fingertip..

Without much of a warning, princess Luna suddenly felt her magjc levels skyrocketed beyond her body's limit. And her moon and stars started glowing brighter and brighter as they try to alleviate the magical surge their sovereign suddenly accumulated.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With an incomprehensible scream of either pain or pleasure, the princess of the night's armor blew off it's straps due to overcharging while its owner's eyes roll-up in its sockets.

"PRINCESS LUNA!!!!!" starlight glimmer shouted as she rushed to the lunar diarch's aid by bucking the human in his belly. But just like before, he's unaffected. Surprisingly for the eclipse agent and the lunar guards, the human is trying to pull his finger off the alicorn's horn but, it is glued on to the long spiral on the midnight alicorn's head.

As quickly as it began, princess Luna and the human separated with one backpedaling away and another collapsed in a heap.

As the princess of the night's consciousness slowly fades, she made out a few words from the human. Ones that was she, and the surrounding ponies understood for the first time...

"Holy shit of jesus Christ.... What was that??"


A few hours later:

Dragon lands:

"Faal dovah in het ahst laat???" A giant emerald green serpent bellows as it listens to its red scaled brethren on the other side of the table

"Hi los ni folaas juni faal rot se iilah los ol sul nust lost daal. Rek said tol faal muz los tu'um faal land se keyye ahrk nust kriist wa ofaal ok kogaan" the crimson scaled dragon replied..


"Mah has shown us the way high priestess... the great Albashar has returned to prithvi to bring the zebras back to their days of glory!!!" a zebra stallion wearing a Dastar proclaimed in front of table filled with other zebras.

"even if they have returned, the moon said that he has landed to Equestria. if they haven't found him yet, they won't let us enter their lands so easily" a young zebra mare replied from the other side of the long table.

"then me and my two brothers shall enter the land of Equines and seek our al-ansan and if we could, return him to our lands" an elderly zebra said among his brethren with their agreement.

gryphus: gryphon capital

"my king. please Allow me to take this mission i can assure you i'll bring the son of Adam to you by the end of the moon" a grey she-griffin said as she bowed in front of the ruler of the kingdom.

"my daughter, i know you are determined to prove yourself to the council. but what you are asking is far too much of a risk. you may believe what our warlocks are saying: that a son of Adam has returned to Equis, and he has landed in the south of Equestria. but we can't tell if it is just a jest by the lunar diarch, or she and her sister are fighting again. and you are the princess of this kingdom. sending you alone is something i will not allow. and letting you take a whole legion will be an act of war against the ponies" the elderly white bald griffon said as he stood up fom his throne.

"then let me at least take one of our best knights. it'll be easy since it's just one, and we'll enter Equestria incognito. please father... even if it's just a joke, but what if it's real? what if the HUMANS have actually returned, he may even reunite the gryphon kingdoms once again!" the young princess plead to her father as they exited the throne room.

"sigh*.... why do you have your mother's face.... alright alright you may go but, you will take my best knight: Ulfric with you... he'll make sure you won't get into trouble" the king sternly said to his daughter as they walked across the castle.

"thank you... but Dad, can i take another knight with me? i'm sure Gilda's knowledge in the Equine lands will be useful if i'm going to look for the human." princess Anivia asked his father as they neared her chambers...

"hmmmm..... yes that may be true. alright you can take her with you." king Talon said to his daughter with a smile.

"thanks dad... love you" the young griffon said as she gave her father a hug before closing her door...

"..........................move ahead of my daughter's group and make sure to keep her safe..." the old king whispered as he walked back to his chambers.

a silent flap of wings is his only reply.


"my Queen we cannot simply charge into stableside and capture the human. the lunar Diarch and her guards are there.." a disembodied voice said

"i never said we will charge headlong. the human and Luna will not stay in that town for long they'll have to move if they don't want their neighbors catching wind that they're harboring a powerful creature all to themselves. we'll plan our move from there. for now, keep watch of their movement pharynx. and inform us of anything about the human." a female voice replied amidst the darkness....

"so a human has finally returned to the land they made.... he'll make a good addition to my army" the female voice monologue as she smirked in front of a glowing pustule with a silhouette of an alicorn within...

Author's Note:

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