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the gods known as "humans"? - A lost anonymous

a creature (human) returns to the world his supposed "predecessors" created

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Ch3: The holy language, divine presence, and blessed touch

Mayor bountiful harvests is a proud Mare.

Other than being the youngest pony in recent history to become a mayor, her term has beckoned one of stableside's most prosperous era since the town's founding as an agricultural town. Far outpacing both Appaloosa an the famous home of the elements, Ponyville..

Mayor harvests likes to think to herself that this happened because of her good leadership, and effective management. She never believed the humanitics that this is the blessing of the nature goddess Aja, (she's more sided to the alicorn belief) and they must pay tribute to her through a festival. Something that the mayor is more or less forced to agree.

Well, till she became the first pony to ever set eyes on a human. At first, she thought that all of it was a dream when she saw the human both up close, and and full height. When the human let go of her horn, she felt weak and a bit doozy. A few moments later, her mind recovered and realized she's in the presence of a mythical creature

"yo-yo-your Holiness! Forgive me for my rude gaze" she stammered as she prostrate in front of the human which to her surprise, winced at her outburst.

As she awaits for any sort of response to the creature, expecting a booming authoritarian voice, or a sudden magical smite, she wasn't expecting it to kneel down to her height and remove its helm.

What she saw made her swore she will convert to humanitism..

Its features is exactly what the human bible said it would be: skin as if made of amber, lips a soft as a cloud and pink that puts tulips to shame, eyes that far outdo even the most beautiful of pearls, and hair on his head that's darker than Luna's night.

In short: a beauty that puts the alicorns to shame....

"" I.... I..... I can't believe it...." were the first words that came out of her lips
And like a moth to a flame, she found herself wanting to touch the Human's face, rub her cheek with his, give her body and soul to the very being she see in front of her (not noticing the Human's backtracking)

The Human's voice is like the bells of Elysium for bountiful harvests and the incomprehensible words he is saying is like a lyrics of an angel's song for her ears, she needs not to understand any of it.

When the human raised his naked hand in front of her, palm in front, she saw it as a beckon for her to touch the human's hand as if to receive something. Which she openly accepted as a blessing

Her choice was never been so rewarding

The moment she touched the human's fingers, the whole world suddenly makes sense. The cycle of life and death, the rule of the cosmos, the existence of stars the boundaries of physics, the origin of magic, the magic of friendship, the true power of shaggy,........
Her mind could only take so much before she collapsed in the sand. The human's armored foot being the last ting she saw....

"hmmmm..... Huh?......"
When the mayor of stable side woke up from what seems to be a beautiful nightmare, she feel like she's never slept in ages and the nap she just had is the best she ever had in her life.....
Till she looked down and saw a sprocket and chain spinning fast barely inches from her face.....

"HOLY FAUST!!!! WHAT THE???" while she was able to reel her dangling head back to a safe distance, her barrel's seems to be tied down to the object that is carrying her. She looks to her right and once again saw the divine human's armored sole. Further looking up, she saw the man's back (as she remembered the face, while it was carved by angels) and finally realising that she's tied down by straps to a some sort of two wheeled contraption...
A contraption that is too fast for her liking.....

"ummmm... milord? Excuse me?" she tries to draw the human's attention, but to no avail. She. Later realized that the human has his hands on a handlebar which means that he is busy controlling the machine that is carrying them both..
By her judgement, they seem to be heading north. Following the road to her town of stable side

Which slapped a dilemma into her face: she can't just let a human to just barge in to town! That'll cause an uproar!
With the town majority being humanitics, those ponies will go ham if they saw a real human!!!

"M'LORD PLEASE STOP!!! PLEASE WAIT" she pleads as she furiously taps the human's midsection. It seems to have worked as the human with his helm looked at her through the mirrors on the handlebars and pulled off to the side of the road.

1st POV: Vann

Okay sitrep: its been at least an hour since I left the beach with a pony (albeit a tiny one) Mare (by the lack of balls, don't look at me like that. These horses don't wear anything so they're pretty much nude) strapped on my backseat. My phone is clamped to it's position on my left handlebar and so far: it shows that it is charging without any cord attached, so I'll need to get a look on that. And there is no signal to either of my SIMs so I can't get any calls. Nor the GPS is working.

As I contemplate my current predictament as I ride, a barely noticeable tapping on my thigh reminds me that my backrider is awake. When I looked back at it using my side mirror, it seems to whinnying loudly (I could barely hear since my GF had an open pipe) and tapping me hurriedly...

Judging by the look it's giving me, it seems to be intelligent. At least I think it is.
I pulled off to the side of the brick road, put up my side stand, and get off my ride

"What's wrong lass, uncomfortable in the straps?" I asked her
She replied to me by neighing and nickering at me while waving its cute little front hooves around....

"Sooooo... I picked up a sentient magical unicorn pony, whose horse language is well.... 'horseshit' to my ears, and it's trying to communicate..." I explained to myself as the pony kept on yammering..

I decided to shake my helmeted head no and it seems to get the message through, but she tried again to communicate by neighing slower and softer as if she's trying to make her language more comprehensible to me
But since even that didn't work, I decided to unstrap her off my bike and lifted her up like a puppy.
A puppy who's hiding her belly with her forelegs and blushing furiously.......
'Should I feel ashamed? I feel ashamed'....
I set her down the road, pulled out my phone from the clamps and cross legged myself in front of her..
With my phone in hand, I opened up the notepad and typed a sentence...
Can you understand me?

She looked at my phone wide eyed then she looked at the roadside
And her horn suddenly glowed and a stick came floating towards us
"Why am I not surprised? Of course that is more than just a lightning rod..." I commented while looking at her horn.
She then started drawing some sort of rune in front of us and looked at me expectedly...
"This is gonna take a while" I groaned as me and the green pony/doggy begin our attempts to break the language barrier...


"And I told you, and your council princess Celestia. The forsaken forests is sacred to the griffons! It is where our first king, Shirdal received the blessing from the son of Adam. You're asking us to allow a RAILWAY to pass through it? the Griffin ambassador of Gryphus all but shouted while the solar diarch gave him a solemn smile

"While it may be a sacred land for the griffin kingdoms lord Harkness. But in order for both of our nations to prosper, we need to build shorter railroads between our states to improve the bilateral trade between us" a brown earth pony stallion stated in the pony side of long table.

"Filthy Rich. As good as an improved trade relationship is, we should still be able to respect the wishes of our neighbors. And if the land we want to Industrialize is considered sacred by the human believing griffons, it may be sacred to some ponies as well. Won't that harm us as well?" A white unicorn stallion replied.

"Bah! You're just a ape worshipper the same as the griffons fancy pants" a white blonde stallion rebutted along the line.

"Watch your tounge blue blood. You're threading on thin ice" a red she-griffin growled and the whole meeting turned into a trash-talk amongst humanitics and alicorn loyalist....

Amidst all of the madness, Princess Celestia massages her temples to ease a growing migraine.
While she is glad for the loyalty her subjects have towards her, the racism that comes with having a "divine" ruler had caused an endless debate of the so-called "equine superiority" over their neighbors which always sour their international relations.

A knock on the double doors, and an entry of her secretary, Curled Quill. Grabbed the attention of the bickering groups
" lunch break everyone " the unicorn mare called
"Excellent! Why don't we adjourn this meeting for now, I'm sure most of us here are famished" the solar diarch stated.
"I concur"
"Yes we would"

As the negotiation members file out of the room nobody noticed a piece of note flew from the secretary, to the alicorn
*one of the two would like to speak to you privately your majesty* the hoofwritten not said.

With a nod to Quill, the princess of the sun teleported out of the room and appeared in a chamber filled with scrolls and maps. Sitting on the other end of the central table is an orange unicorn with red and yellow mane.

"Good afternoon Sunset" celestia greeted with a smile
"Good afternoon Celestia" the mare responded with a court nod.
Sunset shimmer is one of equestria's hidden heroes. While the elements of harmony handles the open problems of the state, sunset and the other members of the group called the Eclipse, handle the more confidential problems. So it is not very surprising that celestia knew them by name and treat the group members as friends.

"I suppose you have news about the storm's origin?"
"yes. and as we have predicted: it's not just a storm. The magic signature indicates that it wasn't from Abadoon's fury, nor it's from the gales from the east."
"from marelantis? Perhaps an accident in their part?"
"I wish it was but our contacts there told that the seaponies are not connected to the storm. "
"wendigos? They seemed to have turned active a few days before" celestia commented while nibbling a piece of fruitcake....
"we have a slight inkling that it was a dimensional rift"
A cake filled fork stopped midway to a mouth.....
"from which dimension?"
"that we can't pinpoint. Starlight and your sister are on their way to stable side to asses the situation there and see if it brought anything.... Or anyone..." the ginger mare finished

Somehow, the solar diarch lost her appetite. Feeling that something big is about to happen......

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