• Published 17th Sep 2015
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More Related Than You Know - Skye Mist

Life is about to be turned upside down for two former students of Princess Celestia.

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Coming Back

Sunset Shimmer was wishing that the bell would ring. After all, who wouldn't be excited that school was going out for the Christmas season. Sunset felt a little relieved that she wouldn't be sleeping in the school, like she had every time before. Pinkie Pie had offered her a place to stay after the whole 'Battle of the Bands' incident. When the final bell rang, Sunset raced to her "room" and packed what few belongings she had. She rushed on over to Pinkie's house, and knocked on the door. Pinkie Pie opened the door and wasted no time in giving Sunset a bear hug that nearly choked her to death.

"It's nice to see you too, Pinkie," Sunset said in a barely audible voice. 'Although we saw each other at lunch.' Sunset thought to herself. In Pinkie's wacky mind, lunch was an eternity ago, so she would hug Sunset even tighter if she said that aloud. "Would you mind letting me go?", Sunset asked hopefully. "You're sorta cutting off the oxygen to my head."

"Oh, sorry Sunset. It's just so exciting that we'll be roommates, well..sorta!", Pinkie exclaimed in her usual cheery self when she let go.

Being the ever so random person, Pinkie pulled Sunset in her house and seemingly out of nowhere, grabbed a basket of cookies. Sunset ate two cookies while Pinkie showed Sunset her room. Sunset quickly unpacked her things and set up her room like she wanted it. She was about to crack open her books when a brown leather-bound book with a yellow and orange sun on it vibrated and caught her attention. She opened the book to the last page with words and read the message Princess Twilight Sparkle had sent her.

Dear Sunset Shimmer,

Princess Celestia has requested to see both you and me. If you could find a time to come to Equestria, I'd appreciate it.

Your Friend,

Twilight Sparkle

Sunset felt sweat running down her face. 'Princess Celestia wants to see me??!!', she thought. 'Calm yourself. I was going to do this sooner or later. Might as well go now.' She made up her mind; she was going to Equestria. She quickly wrote, Expect me there tomorrow.


"Wait a minute.", Pinkie said. "So you're telling me that you can't stay!? You have to miss Christmas!?"

Sunset stared dumbfounded at Pinkie and tried coming up with a response. She just told Pinkie about the message and she wasn't taking it very good.

"Pinkie, I don't think I'll be gone that long, so no need to worry."

"Okie-dokie-lokie", Pinkie said enthusiastically, as if nothing had happened.

Sunset just rolled her eyes. She was more or less used to Pinkie's randomness by now. While Pinkie was rambling on about what type of desserts they might have in Equestria, she took out her cell phone and called to each of her Rainboom friends, informing them of her situation. By the time she finished calling all of her friends, Pinkie was panting from all of her rambling. As soon as Sunset put away her phone, Pinkie brought out a giant cake, that was at least four feet tall. 'Where does she get this stuff from?!' Sunset exclaimed in her mind. The cake didn't look very sturdy, so Sunset backed up, only to bump into the only person who could scare the demons out of her.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Sunset screamed, that is until she realized it was only Maud, Pinkie's older sister.

Unfortunately, her screaming caused Pinkie to lose her balance and the cake fell...right on Sunset. 'It's gonna be a long night', she told herself.

"Mmm", Pinkie said, stuffing her face into what was left of the cake on the table. "This is good! You should try some, Sunset!"

'It wouldn't hurt' she thought. She tried some and found that Pinkie was right, it was good! She would've tried more if not for the fact that she had cake all over herself. She took a shower to get rid of what the paper towels couldn't get off. 'At least I wasn't wearing my jacket' she thought positively. That was something she didn't want cake all over. After the cake incident, she wore clothes she didn't care much about in case of another incident. Surprisingly though, dinner was normal, something no one would ever expect of Pinkie's house.


It was midnight. Sunset couldn't sleep. She would go have a midnight snack, but last time that happened, Maud had scared the demons out of her. And it wasn't unlikely that the refrigerator would be filled with whipped cream. 'What would Princess Celestia need to see me for? What about Twilight? Is this about my attempt to steal Twilight's crown? If so, why now, months after the Fall Formal?' These questions bombarded her all night. She finally fell into a nightmare filled sleep. In each one of them, Princess Celestia banished Sunset to one place or another for her crimes.

Sunset woke up feeling tired and beat. She wished she hadn't wrote to Twilight that she would be in Equestria that day. 'No turning back now' she thought and sighed inwardly.

Sunset and Pinkie were waiting by the statue for everyone to come. Fluttershy was the first to come, Applejack second, Rainbow Dash third, and Rarity last. Each said their goodbyes to Sunset.

"Bye. I hope it's nice there.", Fluttershy whispered.

"Y'all have a great time there, Sunset!", Applejack said.

"See ya. And if you see the pony me, tell her how awesome her human half is.", Rainbow said.

"We'll see you soon, darling.", Rarity said.

"We'll never forget you. Take care!", Pinkie exclaimed. No one explained to her since it would be useless, although Applejack and Rainbow facepalmed.

'Well, here goes nothing.' Sunset stepped through the portal and it instantly felt like her body was going through a rainbow smoothie. She saw a light at the end and knew she was coming back to her homeland, to her world, and to Equestria.