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You Lost The Game


The instant she appears in this world, things go wrong for Twilight Sparkle. Fortunately, Anon the veterinarian is there to save her, and during the recovery process, they find they quite enjoy each other's company. Eventually Twilight wants to make her way back home and Anon has a decision to make.

Meanwhile Celestia, thinking Twilight is in danger, ventures to earth to rescue her, only to encounter dangers of her own. Princess Luna has to figure out how to rescue both of them without abandoning Equestrian rule.

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Pretty sure it stands for "Anon in Equestria" though I could be wrong

Really liking this so far, def going into my tracking list.... along with the 450 others lol

The horn injury was clearly the biggest treat, Alicorns are immortal or at least ageless and should regenerated quickly, I assume it's if their magic flow is working properly. Reattaching Twilight's horn tip probably saved her life buy letting her body heal internal injuries.

Why are you touching unknown glowy things?!

Im curious on your posting do you take into consideration criticial comment's from the greentext version? (If, any naturally?)

I hope he doesn't acts autistic because nobody would put so much effort into tricking a nobody like him...

What I remember of them, yes. That mostly applies to the ending, which I rushed a bit and was not well received.

First story in a long while that I read to the 'end'. Well written and intriguing story hook. Can't wait for future chapters.

Well good news, I intend to post as much of it as I can over this weekend. Glad you like it! :)

As Anon pulled his blanket up to the mare's neck, he couldn't help but smile when she let out a contented little sign and cutely wiggled the tip of her muzzle under a fetlock. Truth be told, he wasn't quite sure what to do with a patient that was actually sentient, but at least she seemed friendly.


This is quite a fun story mate :3

why the hell am I tearing up

I want more of this

...wut? Why did he suddenly go off the rails like that? I genuinely don't understand. :/

Thanks, fixed.

Stress does weird things to people. Anon is admittedly a bit of a self-insert, and this is what high stress does to me--I'll be fine, fine, fine, fine, then blow up in anger for no apparent reason, and it takes introspection to figure out what happened, like in the next chapter.

Interesting start, now only if you gave a name and face to your MC this would be good

Oh, so that's why he flipped the previous chapter. Makes sense I guess.

Good thing it didn't screw everything up.

The author seems to be nerfing magic, really, I don't know why people put such ridiculous limitations on healing

That was... A weirdly short and unnecessary chapter.

Fun fic as of yet

You've written yet another great chapter, and I can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

hoi don't go tossing the word autistic around like that unless you are autistic yourself got it? the man's frustrated

Oh snap! I hope Celly doesn't get into trouble either by being captured or going berserk on Anon :twilightoops:

"Blatant racism toward earth ponies..."


When Celestia appeared in the sunny plains, she was instantly on high alert.


And did she die? Because if she did that was pathetic

This gives me a idea for my next flash fiction!

We'll see where you take this.

So, arriving in africa, wow, what bad luck, now where in africa? those guys would either be hunters, or rangers, but because Celestia has bad luck or no luck considering there is no active precense of magic nor harmony force there, those guys probably are hunters XD.

Her ears folded down and her cheeks turned bright pink, but Anon simply continued as if nothing was wrong.

Can she turn pink? She's purple sooo...

That is more than frustrated, you don't try to assault someone innocent for such flimsy reason.

If I did that every time I was frustrated then I would be in jail long ago.

Having so little control over himself points at some mental issue, not simple "frustration"

Did Anon have a stroke or something in the middle of this scene? he goes from 'I'm trying to help you' to 'RARRR I BREAK YOUR HORN' out of nowhere.

For the first hour or so, Twilight was content with How It's Made. What they explained directly was already fascinating enough, but she was also able to learn a lot about the human world in general from things they said in passing and by reading between the lines.


Somebody didn't read the description...

This was originally a greentext I posted to /AiE/ so the entire story is already written and about 100k words, it just needs to be converted to prose.

I'm happy you aren't killing yourself at least:pinkiesad2:

What the fuck even is this chapter?!

Why does Twilight not know about a bunch of stuff we've already seen in Equestria? She used computed diagnostic machines on Pinkie, they clearly have electric lighting and appliances, and while Twilight seems to prefer quills we've seen plenty of pencils.

And the usual "wow what are hands" is even dumber because not only do several intelligent species Equestria has contact with have hands, but even if they didn't it'd still be on the same level as a human not knowing what a beak is. It seriously irritates me how common this cliche is.

Welp, hopefully when twilight finds our more about cows, pigs and the food Industry in general, she does not enter in panic mode, considering she has prey I instincts, and perhaps Anon can also show her some videos of people that are against eating meat so she does not fear humans completely, some vegan videos of people living with animals and eating plants may help her, that or she will end up not caring much, so that would be weird, but not necessarily unexpected XD.


And goddam people are lazy

Yah gotta agree with everyone here, this went from 0 to 100 for no reason at all, what the f did anon smoke before twilight woke up

I want to snuggle with Twilight, too ;-;

Move the sun but a car can kill them, you are very contradictory author.

Well, I called it!
Celestia is a hostage now.
Was kinda expecting her to be captured by the American military though, so this is a nice surprise to be sure :p

I just hope she'll get help soon, though, I don't want to see poor Celly dead ;-;

"No... you are much more valuable to me alive."

Meh, pointless drama, if a 1000 year old alicorn can't escape that she deserves to die honestly

It's a make believe story set in a universe that doesn't exist. It's all pointless.

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