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Twilight's just been having one of those days, preforming experiments. However, when one of her experiments goes down the downright odd direction and she accidently taps into human radio, she makes use of this opportunity and tells her teacher in order to deceper the meaning of what she's heard. Of course, news travels fast in a small town like Ponyville and soon everypony wants a listen. And not everypony has good intentions...

Takes place after Rainbow Rocks. Sunlight romance and Doctor/Derpy shipping. Rated teen for the music used and ponies cursing and talking about the musical content.

Musical credits go to their proper owners and I make no money off of it. Inspired by this story:

Takes place in the same universe as Framwinkle's story "Golden Oaks Reborn" (With permission) but reading that is not required. Edited and proofread by: Black_Knight

Art belongs to Flamevulture17 I believe so credit to them.

Reached over 1,000 views: Wow, just wow...

Reached over 2,000 views: Hell yes!:yay:

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 375 )

You got me intrigued with Welcome to the Jungle.

I am rather disappointed by this. I was told there was Twilestia to be found (of a platonic, student teacher variety, to be sure) and I did not find it. Separate from that, this story feels remarkably disjointed and jumpy. The transitions are far too soon and choppy to make any of the scenes work. Details could be cut or expanded to make individual scenes work. Whether to cut or expand depends entirely on the pacing needed, but as of right now, this is far too quick.

7293725 I'll improve on the pacing, I promise. As for the Celestia and Twilight teacher or friendship stuff, more of that will come as the story progresses. It's only the first chapter, after all.:raritywink:

7293768 Yes, that's all well and good if there's more Twilight and Celestia to come, but I will refer you to the Twilestia is Bestia rules thread; specifically rules 2 and 3 regarding posting stories.

2. Please make sure Twilestia is actually relevant to your story before posting.

3. The Twilestia group is about a loving bond between the two parties involved.

That third one is a sticking point. I'm not sure your story qualifies (yet).

OMG yes Finally someone makes another Pony Discovers human music last one i seen made was a year ago and i been waiting (Please include some Brony music as well and other Cool Music Genre's)

Now listen to Dirty Deeds again but imagine it's about sex instead of murder :trollestia:

Also: needs Celestia and Rarity (at least) Ya-ha-ing over Big Balls eventually. And, once they get it onto a country station, everypony using up all the tissues on "Don't Take the Girl"

Plus, trolling Cadance with Escape (or, The Pina Colada Song, as it's better known.)

I think Fluttershy would go more towards R&B like Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and Whitney Houston.

Rarity would gravitate more to Pop and more mainstream artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake.

Applejack would easily go towards country artists like Carrie Underwood, Garth Brook, and Miranda Lambert.

Obviously Rainbow would like Heavy Metal, but I think she would also like other Rock, Alternative, and maybe even rap artists like Guns N Roses, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, Skillet, and Eminem.

Pinkie... That's a tough one. I think she wouldn't pick one genre, she'd like whatever she liked, whether its Pop, Rap, R&B, Rock, Heavy Metal, etc.

Twilight I think would gravitate towards Pop and R&B, especially after listening to Iron Maiden, she'd want something with less violence, and more songs about self-empowerment like Firework, or Fight Song.

I'm kind of waiting for the "Big Reveal" where they figure out it's the people on the other side of the mirror. Like, Sunset wanders in while they've picked up something Metal and starts headbanging. Amazed Equestria has developed Heavy Metal since she was last there and lamenting that you can't throw the goat with hooves :trollestia:

And, of course, Luna has to find Queen of the Night sooner or later.

Once they figure out where it's from, they can also start listening to music you won't find on the radio. I particularly ponder Pinkie Pie listening to Enormous Penis, or anything by The Wet Spots. Provided someone's around to heimlich her back to breathing again, so she doesn't literally die laughing :trollestia: Oh, uh, and don't look those songs up with kids in the room. Fair warning.

Question: What period of music? Like is it the 80s and 90s in the human world or is she just getting some songs from an radio station playing old songs?

7295293 Twilight's getting every sort of radio stations, so that means every sort of genre.:twilightsmile:

7295198 Yeah, the CMC will turn up sooner or later so...:rainbowlaugh: I also have plans for Cheese Sandwich to show up, no prizes for guessing what songs he'll hear.

7295346 i have yet to read the story, is she listening to the music of the equestria girls world? or real life world?

ok, now ive read the two chapters. maybe focus on some happy songs like these?

Or this

7295517 The EQ world, though Twilight has yet to figure that out and won't until The Dazzlings (Or Sunset, haven't decided yet.) come into the story.

7295539 Trust me, I've got too happy songs lined up for the story, oen of which is perfect for Pinkie and the other perfect for Celestia.:twilightsmile: As for what they are, as River Song would say... SPOILERS!:trollestia:

7295546 You'll see how I do it. Trust me, it'll be something you might not expect.

7295548 uhh ok. but try and put in some happy songs like the ones i suggested there.

7296268 I'll see what I can do, but I've already got the songs for the next few chapters picked out.:twilightsheepish: Also, thanks for the fave!

I've just noticed that this seems to take place in the Golden Oaks Library. I thought this story took place after Rainbow Rocks, which, in theory should be after the season 4 finale, meaning that Twilight's Friendship Castle should be here, and the Golden Oaks Library was destroyed. Unless in this story, we are to assume they rebuilt the Golden Oaks Library, and that the Friendship Castle was either taken down, or never built in this story.

7296354 I was wondering when someone would comment on that actually. It'll be explained in the next Author's notes.

"Enough of this rock and roll y'all! Ah'm going to see if we could get some Country and Western on here!"

Yep, totally called it. And we also now know that Luna appears to like Rock and Heavy Metal.

7296527 I wonder how they would react to Sabaton then?

Yah, good that you're gonna get more songs in per chapter: plus Blissey's update speed ...... yeah.

7296534 All I know is that it would scare Fluttershy, Rarity would be disgusted at the lyrics, as it refers to war and death. Applejack would probably think the same, Pinkie Pie... Well make your own decisions, because that's too much for me to think, Rainbow would probably like it, and maybe Luna. But I'm not so sure about Spike. I can assume Twilight would not like it at all. After her reaction to Iron Maiden in chapter 2, she would want to stay as far away from Heavy Metal as possible.

Also, taking suggestions?

(sorry fer the long list, but wanted to get a lot of good choices in! :rainbowkiss:

7296732 That's a lot of suggestions. Even I would only do a few suggestions, and I have a ton of suggestions.

7296732 Hey, I've seen that Fatboy Slim song and video before! My dad actually has it on his phone, just because he likes a certain actor's moves in the video I think. I'm not a fan, but I have to admit the video is funny beyond belief.:twilightsmile:

One problem: If this takes place after Rainbow Rocks, then Twilight should be in her own castle, not the Golden Oak Library.

7297645 Just read the Author's notes in chapter three, it'll explain things.

I have to ask, did anyone cheer when "Discord" came on?

7297651 I was hasty. I just started reading and was too quick to comment on the difference. It was by no means a story killer, just confusing.

7297687 I understand, I'm a fast reader as well and sometimes I make mistakes.:twilightsheepish:

Ya know, I can think of one song Celestia would really agree with. The Cost of the Crown, can't remember the singer, I think it's either Meg Davis or Heather Alexander, but the thing is written by Mercedes Lackey for her Velgarth universe, particularly Queen Selenay of Valdemar.

You could also probably get away with a number of other Folk/Filk artists, Skillet, Miracle of Sound and probably others.

Since when had Equestria discovered them, or since when did these sounds come from the Golden Oaks library for that matter.
I think there should be a question mark at the end of that sentence.

Also, what about the songs that NASA sent into space?
Heres one of them:

7303631 And now you've given me the image of Rainbow Dash or Sunset Shimmer replacing Marty in this scene for some reason:

oooh i got some

the thunder rolls extended version garth brooks

it was your song garth brooks

three wooden crosses randy travis

the prayer celine dion and joss croban
you raise me up joss croban

god bless the u.s.a. the texas tenors

the climb the texas tenors

the green beret dont know who sings it

i got a funny feeling you dont love me anymore weird al yankovic
jurassic park weird al yankovic
immagrant song
fight for your right to party the beastie boys (pinkie would love this)

its raining tacos (cause sonata ^_~)

7325053 They'll get their appearance in the story in two more chapters, don't you worry. Without giving too much away, they'll turn the whole town of Ponyville against Twilight and company with certain types of non musical transmissions. After that, Twilight and co will stop them in a way I will not reveal just yet...

7325053 I think it was referring to the end of the chapter and not the story.

We need an instrumental song next, maybe something by Lindsey Stirling?

Also we need an anime song, maybe My Soul Your Beats or My Most Precious Treasure.

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