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Feels like pretty inspired read, kudos :twilightsmile:
Can't even imagine rn a worse fate for Rarity, to be with such condition.

Thanks for the comment! Yeah this is definitely a personal experience thing.

As somebody whose family has a long history of skin conditions, this really hit home. Rarity's condition sounds like eczema on steroids, or alternatively something more serious.

Yes, I've been told this as well. Doctors were like "we think it might be eczema or psoriasis, but this is... a lot worse than we've seen."

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it!

Dang that sounds painful!

It sure is!!

Thanks for reading and the comment!

Sorry that you have to endure all of that :(, you're a warrior for continuing on despite it

Thank you. It really does mean a lot to me.

Staring at myself in the bathroom mirror sent a chill down my spine. I nearly cried as I examined myself. My own ivory coat was speckled with blood and scabs, not an inch of my body as it had been just a week prior. It was... I was hideous. Disgusting. Grotesque.

oof, that sounds like a horrifying experience already, especailly for poor Rarity!

Soap was an even worse source of despair, but I refused to walk around smelling of rotted, damaged flesh.

oh wow that is very not good!

I wanted nothing more than to sequester myself to a cold room and sit there, motionless. Movement hurt. Heat hurt. Scratching hurt. Living hurt.

augh, poor Rares! too bad “she went to the hospital and they made her all better” doesn’t make for a good story :(

How long had this mess truly persisted? Months? Years? It felt as if as far back as I could recall.

oh that is so horrifying. having a mysterious, incurable malady that destroys my ability to even be comfortable lying in bed is basically my worst nightmare. i could keep on going in the face of any hardship besides that, i think

The vicious scraping of hoof against flesh always felt absolutely delightful, if only for the moment. I'd come to regret it in the morning, but just then it felt absolutely divine. As the falling of dry, flaked skin gradually gave way to a moist, slick feeling, I knew I'd pushed too hard, but in the darkness I pretended nothing was wrong.

augh. all too relatable and awful

This was my life now.

There was no escape.

This was my own hell.

i can imagine few things worse. poor Rarity! :(

well, i was certainly horrified. thank you for writing!

… And then what?

This is a medical tragedy, yes, suffering without clear cause or recourse, but it’s not really a story. It’s a presentation of fact with barely any development and zero indication of where it goes from here. Also, where are any of Rarity’s friends in this? I don’t expect most of them to be able to help, but some kind of commiseration would be nice.

My apologies given how, going by the comments, you drew on your own experiences for this. This isn’t a narrative, but I do hope you find some answers and a clear course of action.

As someone with eczema, I relate so hard to this (except the skin rotting off)

It's hellish. Hope you've found a a balance or a method of coping that works for you.

Sometimes there is no coping. Just gotta satiate the itch. I don’t have my eczema so bad that I have visible dry rash patches of skin, but my skin does get fast dry if I don’t moisturize often. And I get random area flare ups (like on my back in spots I can hardly reach) and it’s a nightmare. Especially when I cut my nails and have to wait for them to grow back.

Too true. I have a bad habit of biting my nails and that practically turns them into saws.

I’ll cut a nail off if it breaks because then that’s like asking to go to self harm route since depending on how the nail breaks it could be really sharp. But then when I cut the nail off and have a really bad itch then it’s like I missing something and I can’t get to every part of the itch.

Yep. I tried using hair brushes to alleviate the cuts but it doesn't work. I've also tried rubbing, but that's just as bad.

That’s life I guess

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