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Something sleeps in the waters of Bilge

Content Warnings for Implied Mutilation, Abuse, Eldritch Horrors

Written for the A Thousand Words Contest II Contest in the Horror Category.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder.

Written for the Gay Contest Speedwrite in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group.

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Damn, that's freaky as hell. Good stuff, keep it coming.

Absolutely loved this one. You blend the horror and the heartache so well together. I need MORE.

I do like how the shortness of the events were written.

Bilge. An ugly name for an ugly town. Flash didn’t like it, but he didn’t hate it. It was a ramshackle coastal town designed solely with fishing in mind. It had its charms, mostly amongst the populace, and a bar to drown time in.

ooh that is indeed an ugly name!

But whom did he go to when he was troubled? No one.

oof, who is the pillar of the community to the pillar of the community?

Being attracted to stallions could be a problem. Not because the townsfolk were against it, but because the dating pool was nonexistent.

augh too real 

Then Cobalt came to town. Blue like the sea with the clean look of a scholar and fashion of a stripper. A look from that stallion felt like having every layer of your body peeled back until there was nothing but your organs spilled out on the ground.

ooh that is quite a stallion!

Cobalt was a researcher directly under the employ of the Princess. He was there to investigate a dangerous entity that the Princess was worried about.

well that’s not gonna end well

Dropping the subject, Flash nipped at Cobalt’s neck. Asked if he was up for another round. Cobalt laughed. It was sharp, like a fish hook, ensnaring any that heard it. Said that he would love to. Told Flash that he was a catch worth keeping.

oh no, not the words that will be bitterly ironic in retrospect!

The second, they managed to keep long enough to properly see. A guppy. Covered in boils and pustules that leaked onto the deck of the ship. It gasped. A mouth filled jagged teeth.

Cobalt had an expression on his face only Flash could recognize. Pure bliss. The kind he had experienced only when Flash had ‘hit the right note, catch’. He told them to hold it in the cargo. The crew was against it, but Flash was Captain.

And Flash did what Cobalt told him to do.

this sounds positively Lovecraftian. the crew have the right idea here!

Cobalt needed his wings. Two bloodied heaps on the floor. He needed to know that Flash listened. Cobalt gripped the back of his head tightly. Flash looked up at him in pure adoration. He got caught on Cobalt’s laugh.

He asked if Flash wanted to be together forever. Flash said yes. He would never have to be alone. He would always be loved. Cobalt’s grip tightened.

Flash was the best catch he’d ever caught.

the increasing horror of the situation reflecting the power of obsessive love in a life of loneliness, dang you are good at this

In his darkest moments, he remembered his crew.

Flash drew the knife they had given him. He stabbed his own and Cobalt’s hearts with their love.

augh, love that his crew was there for him in the end, so beautiful

Flash woke up on the shore. His hearts bled onto the sand. He knew instinctively what had happened. He and the town were immortal, doomed to suffer eternally together.

Two hooves wrapped around him. The solution was whispered in his ear. He wanted to listen to it. Do as he was told.

But Flash didn’t listen to Cobalt anymore.

He returned to Bilge, utterly heartbroken.

just the despair in the atmosphere here is so wonderfully done. poor, eternally trapped Flash. this was magnificent, thank you so much for writing

Horror is perhaps the most challenging category of this contest, since building tension is so hard to achieve in so short a time. But you managed it quite well, establishing the baseline and gradually twisting it with impressive efficiency. You even worked in a resolution beyond the climax when you could’ve ended it on the last stab. Outstanding work throughout. Thank you for it and congrats on the gold.

The setup and payoff for this were fantastic. I felt the dread radiating from Cobalt from the very first scene with him, and everything played out extremely well. I had to re-read the last section for it to fully hit me what exactly was going on, but that's more my fault for reading late at night than anything. :twilightblush:

Excellent work!

They made love constantly, even when he didn’t want to, but Cobalt asked and Flash did what Cobalt told him to do.

living in bilge was a pain in flash's ass. now there's something else in said ass

Hello! Here's your courtesy note for my review of this. I'm glad this fic's vote score balance has improved since I read it, as I'm fairly sick of M/M shipping getting downvoted just for that reason. All the more so when the story is as interesting as this one. Somewhat disturbing, but dramatic with it. Possibly my own favourite story from the contest prizewinners.

I found this fic really compelling the first time I read it, and it definitely holds up on reread, too. :D I really like how you wove the strands of Flash's obsession with Cobalt and what Cobalt was really up to together and how deliberately unclear it is whether the refrain that "Flash did what Cobalt told him to" was magically influenced or simply the lengths to which Flash would go for the pony he thought he loved.

For how little screentime they get, I also really like Flash's crew, they way they have his back and are trying to help him even when he doesn't want the help -- and it's that personal connection that in the end makes ... maybe not enough of a difference. But a difference, still, I think.

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