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Open for Art Commissions. I write horror. I write gay. I write gay horror. GAAAAAAAAAAYYYY



A plague ravages the Pegasi of Filoplume. The Centurions must brave the Caucasus to procure Prometheus's Flame before it's too late.

Part of the Corrupt Pillars Anthology

Content Warnings for the following: Body Horror, Claymation, Blood, Illness

Edited by: EileenSaysHi
Preread by: The Sleepless Beholder, Dewdrops on the Grass

Chapters (14)
Comments ( 2 )

Claymation? What the hell? Imma need to read this to understand that one O_o

This was really good, with effective horror coming from an uncaring (or rather caring the wrong way) creator. The jumps back and forth did a good job keeping it interesting.

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