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I write gay romantic comedies with ponies now. Get off my back, MOM.


Flash Magnus and Flash Sentry find themselves in a competition to win Twilight Sparkle’s affections. As the competition escalates, Flash Magnus begins to realize that it might not be Twilight Sparkle he wants to win the affection of.

Story and Concept inspired by Shilic with assistance from Sir Fiddler
Preread by SockPuppet and Graymane Shadow
Editted by LuckyChaosHooves

Sex Tag for suggestive material.

There are LGBT themes in this story.

Will potentially be an entry for the Pillars Shipping Contest should it be complete by the deadline.

Chapters (3)
Comments ( 6 )

Oh good, it's up. This has been fun to discuss on discord and help preread.

This is absolutely going to turn out better than anything I could have done with this premise, I'm excited, and I apologize for nothing.

pretty gay, could use more slang


Just f*ck already!

Looks like a lot of fun, will this turn M/M too realizing they grew respect for each other over their rivalry I wonder or will it be a threesome relationship?

Hmm, you know what I think this story could use?

That's right, more slang! It's still comprehensible, and that is a crime.

I think my favorite part of this is just how done Twilight is.

“Of course you are.” Twilight sighed. “Can I refuse?”

“No,” Magnus immediately replied, brokering no argument.

This is gold, I love it.

still needs more slang though, the poetry had none how could you

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