• Published 2nd Oct 2023
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In His Image - daOtterGuy

Flash Magnus bargains for the Flame of Prometheus to save his people

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“Great Prometheus sculpted us as per his vision!” Pious exclaimed. “The mighty who soar above the clouds!”

Flash tried to focus on the preacher’s words, but boredom caused his eyes to droop, and consciousness to slip away despite the uncomfortable pew he sat upon.

“From clay, he made the earth pony, and then, using the very clouds, he sculpted wings to put upon them,” Pious continued. “He filled their bones with vapour so that they may be light enough to achieve lift. Once each feather had been perfectly sculpted and a fleet of clay Pegasi stood before him, he filled them with the flame of life, thus bringing them into being.

“He adores them, but fears for their safety in the face of the powerful beings that already roamed the plains. He granted them gifts that allowed the Pegasi to control the weather, to walk on clouds, high above any enemy that may wish harm upon them.”

Sleep began to take him as he was lulled into rest. Though loud, Pious had a soothing cadence to his words that was very comforting.

“Fear further clouded Great Prometheus’s judgement as he saw the devastating power of the other races. They needed might to overcome the strong earth ponies, magic capable of thwarting the unicorns. He envisioned an elevated form of Pegasi. A being of unimaginable power.

“And for this vision, we locked him away, for it would make us too monstrous. It would have taken away what made us ponies, reducing us to nothing more than mere animals. Thus, he is now imprisoned within the Caucasus, praying that he shall never be released, for—”