• Published 2nd Oct 2023
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In His Image - daOtterGuy

Flash Magnus bargains for the Flame of Prometheus to save his people

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“The others are dead,” Flash stated.

“Dead?!” Tailwind exclaimed. “How?!”

“I don’t know the specifics, only that they are all dead save one.”

“But how do you know?!”

“I just do, Tail.”

“Okay, then who’s the other survivor?”



“Yes. Now Tailwind, please. I need to—”

He was interrupted by another round of excruciating pain coursing through him. He roared as new scars spread along his back, the joints and muscle bulging as they cracked and popped. Blood spewed from the new wound, trickling down to the ground and staining it red.

“Flash!” Tailwind cried out. “W-what’s happening? How do I help—”

“You can’t,” Flash gasped out as the pain subsided to the usual dull throbbing. “But I have significantly less time than I thought I had.”

“Why do you think— Flash!”

Flash galloped to the tents, Tailwind racing after him.