In His Image

by daOtterGuy


Great Prometheus declared that a new being was to be made by his design. A majestic beast of four hooves with powerful wings that signified its mastery over the skies.

Thus we, the Pegasi, were created.

Great Prometheus looked at the other beings that roamed the plains and declared that the Pegasi weren’t enough. He claimed that they must also have mastery over the very weather itself.

Thus we, the Pegasi, were blessed with power over the clouds.

Great Prometheus then declared that it was still not enough. The Pegasi must be stronger than any other creature so that they may never be usurped and taken from him.

Thus, one pegasus was changed to match this vision.

Hated Prometheus was then locked away within a dark canyon, his abomination killed before it could cause any harm.

Thus, Prometheus’s final vision never came to be.