In His Image

by daOtterGuy


Flash trotted toward the canyon, his mission complete. No one had noticed him leave in the ensuing celebration and completion of his task meant that the illness was all but eradicated amongst his people. They were safe.

And it was time for him to embrace his future.

Moonlight lit up the harsh angles of his body, his wounds scabbed over into lines of scars that wound about his thin, bristly fur. His eyes were slitted, narrowed at an entity that hid within the blackness of the canyon.

Grimhoof stepped out. He was similar to Flash, lines of scars running along his red angular body. Unlike Flash, his mane, tail, and feathers flowed like flame, scorching everything they touched. His fur had a reflective sheen that glimmered in the moonlight. Not dissimilar to clay.

The scar seams of his body opened, revealing the inner lining of razor-sharp teeth and heated core of Grimhoof’s new body. A rumble echoed from within as a form of greeting.

“Hello to you as well, Grim,” Flash said.

Grimhoof’s wings came forth and twisted his face, manipulating his features until they took on the semblance of Tailwind’s features. The mockery of her face made a pitying expression at Flash. Flash scoffed as Grimhoof laughed, reverting to his prior state.

“Is this what you wanted, then?” Flash asked.

“If you mean becoming the most powerful pegasus alive and, more importantly, stronger than you…” Grimhoof smiled sharply. “Yeah, it’s exactly what I wanted. You’ll never get ahead of me now.”

“We’ll see about that,” Flash replied darkly.

With a bale of harsh laughter, Grimhoof spread his wings and launched himself into the darkness. After a few moments, Flash followed after him, the stallion he was bound to forevermore.