In His Image

by daOtterGuy


Grimhoof looked at Flash with pleading eyes. He was malformed, with limbs of clay in the process of being formed into new shapes. Flash choked back his horror as fear coursed through him. This was the Patron of his race, the god who gave them life, and he cared little for the pain he caused to one of his own.

Prometheus’s horn glowed in red light as a lump of soft clay was dug out from the nearby ground and thrown onto Grimhoof’s mangled body. He kneaded the new material into his shoulder, molding the muscle into angular points.

“We already know your mission,” Prometheus intoned, a playful lilt to his tone. “You need my flame to cure your people.”

“Yes,” Flash replied.

“Then you are in luck, for we believe your cause worthy, though there will be a price to pay.”

“I accept,” Flash immediately replied.

“But you do not yet know what it is. Rather foalish of you.” Prometheus clicked his tongue. “Very well then. You will consume my flame, heal your people, then you will return to me.”

“To give you back your flame?”

“To stay. Permanently.”


“This one will need a partner.” Prometheus ran his hoof along Grimhoof’s torso, a horrific display of distended flesh and twisted bone. “You will have no other choice.”


“The flame will mold you into our perfect vision. The final form of the Pegasi.” Prometheus chuckled darkly. “Though, if you do not wish to go through the slow process, we can simply transform you now the manual way.”

Grimhoof released another bevy of loud sobs. 

“Can you spare Grim? Turn him back?”

“No. And to clarify, it is because we do not want to, not that we are unable.”


“Because then there will only be you, and my final vision requires a pair,” Prometheus answered. “We grow tired of this conversation. Make your choice.”

“I will take the flame to my people,” Flash said.

“As we knew you would. Now, hold still.”

Prometheus unhinged his jaw. A ball of molten flame formed inside his mouth. He grabbed Flash forcibly with his magic and brought him closer, forcing his mouth open. As he came closer, Prometheus poured his fire into Flash.

As it burned down his throat and settled into his insides, Flash screamed.