In His Image

by daOtterGuy


“Come closer.”

Tentative steps forward. Apprehension in his face, lit by pulsating orange scars from the powerful Entity before him.

“No need to fear.”

A scream.

He stumbled backward.


“It is merely a reflex.”

Hesitation. More steps forward.

A sloppy, wet sound filled his ears. Squelch. He strained to make out more. Laboured breathing. Shocked sobs. A schlock followed by a splat as something was thrown down. A pained yell.

“We remake him. In an image that befits one created by us.”

Closer. He saw a stallion of clay. His body was deformed, kneaded by the hooves of the Entity. A face stuck in permanent agony. His chest rose and fell shakily. A hoof pressed into the surface, turning it concave.

Another scream.

“This one shall be perfect.”