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He never expected to be here. None of them did. But here he is all the same, and Flash Magnus, like all of the ancient Pillars of Equestria, must learn to adjust to this new world he has found himself in. It is fortunate then that he does not have to go through this adjustment alone.

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a short but lovely story, those 2 are my facorite

We two, Mistmane, Rockhoof, Starswirl, Meadowbrook.

Someone's not mentioned, once again ... :moustache:

This was a very sweet short story. I like how Somnambula was the one to talk to Flash Magnus, since I love the two of them together. So with that in mind, I especially love the ending when she starts flirting with him a bit and implies a possible relationship between them.

This is a pretty nice short story seen how the pillars are doing and I'm sure rockhoof was not the only one who's been feeling so out of place flash Miss his own timeline and he's been feeling kind of down then Somnambula talk to him try to cheer him up a little bit even though she knows how it feels to be out of place as well but like I said I can give their wisdom to the new generation not just only for ponies but other creatures as well and I did like how flirty she was with flash lol again this was good and two of them are my favorite pillars nice job on it and keep up the good work

Good for Flash Magnus. May he be a wonderful father

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