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(they/them) writing about ponies kissing and hugging and making terrible mistakes (pfp by evelili! https://evelili.tumblr.com/post/731980670351622144/free-icons-for-u-nd-ur-partner-in-crime )


Twilight Sparkle's been dreaming of Luna. It's not out of the ordinary to dream of the mare you have a crush on, of course, but these aren't simple fantasies. They're rendezvouses, secret meetings where Luna dreamwalks to meet Twilight in her dream. They'd go public eventually, sure, but for now, Luna's visits are a secret, a space where their new relationship can flourish and find the strength to face the world. Still, shame haunts Twilight. Can Luna help her overcome her worries and take their courtship into the waking world?

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Very interesting - I like your style of prose.

I say when Celestia finds out Twilight, in essence, murdered the real Luna for a fake one, then Equestria will not survive what comes next.

This was a fun little story to read, thumbs up from me.

So Luna is dead as of chapter 3; does that mean the final chapter is Celestia's dream or did twiggy find a way to produce a fake Luna/animate her corpse?

murder is such an ugly word! i'd say it's more ponyslaughter. i'm sure she'll be just as horrified as us when she figures it out
thanks! twilight actually hasn't figured out what's happening, and it isn't a dream - the mechanics of it aren't really explained, but essentially twilight's figment, believing herself to be the real luna and possessing absolute oneiromantic power, was able to follow the 'dream-twine' leading back to luna's connection to her body and ride it out of the dreamscape. since, at her core, she's a manifestation of oneiromancy, rather than purely a figment of twilight's mind, she was able to detach from twilight's oneirosphere, albeit with all of twilight's perceptions still wrapped around her. it's tempting to think of her as some evil presence or mastermind, but she really is just living magic which believes herself to be luna (or the idea of luna that exists in twilight's mind.) that's why it's impossible for twilight to figure out, and also why celestia will probably figure it out very soon.

I read this this morning before I had to go to a thing. I have been thinking about it all day. Wonderful job stabbing my subconscious with something so painful!

Oh god that's even more horrific, thanks!

Oh my- Wow. Holy shit. The final outcome was far worse than original Luna could have imagined.

I will admit the technical explanations of oneiromancy in the early parts of chapter 3 had me going a bit cross-eyed. I had to reread some of those paragraphs twice and I'm still not really sure what they add to the overall story.

that's a fair crit, I think! it's a bit embarrassing, as i said in the notes this thing kinda went off the rails when i got to thinking about dream magic, so i definitely overexplained. the basic reason for explaining the mechanics of oneironavigation was to highlight Luna's vulnerability (putting the entirety of her self in one place) and compare it with how a pony's avatar in a dream and their supposed predators are one and the same, but i definitely could've accomplished that more succinctly.

This is really interesting. I wonder how it's going to be a tragedy

In my opinion this story is perfect

lmfao, thanks for posting comments as you go, love the progression from "what a nice romance" to "oh" to "Ah"> glad you enjoyed!

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