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Equestria has been brought to its knees. Monsters of all kinds flood every city, the world itself seems to be on the verge of complete collapse, and every pony is trapped by the physical manifestation of their own deepest, most inner terrors and nightmares.

But it's Hearth's Warming, and Rarity's got gifts to give. And she won't let something as mundane as the end of the world get in her way. Time to panic will have to come later.

This was written for The Seer as a part of Jinglemas 2019! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Rarity saves the day via being herself. I love it.

In the season of giving, Generosity is at its strongest. Part of me can't help but feel that Rarity should get a pair of wings out of this. And I can't help but appreciate that, in a reversal of the comics, she's the only one not entranced by the Nightmare.

Brilliant work. Merry Jinglemas.


Is this the Nightmare, or the Tantabus? Or Nightmare Tantabus? (Not sure how that would work...)

Seer #5 · Jan 12th, 2020 · · ·

This is absolutely stellar mate. Thank you so much for it.
It was really nice of you to look at my profile and see I liked horror and Rarity with the short time period you had to write, I sincerely appreciate that. Considering how quickly you had to do this there is absolutely no drop off in quality at all and that is incredibly impressive. If someone told me you had spent a month on this I would believe them.

Rarity is characterised excellently, and so many of my favourite elements of her are on show. Her care for others, her inner and outer strength. She is the shining centre of the writing here.
Your descriptions of the nightmare world were so wonderfully vivid and macabre. More than that, they were varied and fascinating, it kept me hungry to experience more of the world. If you ever decide to return to this world you have set yourself up masterfully.
The story effortlessly moved between horror, comedy and sadness incredibly deftly. It all felt so natural and organic.

Put shortly, I absolutely loved this and sincerely appreciate your amazing work :twilightsmile:


Damn... Just damn.

Huk #7 · Feb 6th, 2020 · · ·

Huh... One of the weirdest things I ever read. I love it :pinkiecrazy:

However, is it just my feeling, or did by giving gifts, Rarity pulled the mane six plus Celestia and Luna, out of their frozen/crazy/petrified state?

Great reverse of the typical unaware/unheeding of the madness behavior, instead she is completely aware that everything is fucked, and is just dedicated to bringing hope through hearts warming...and is successful!

Where in the hell is Rarity's Green Lantern ring? I assume it's on it's way and simply hasn't arrived quite yet.

Brilliantly done.

Think it's stories like this that prove that even in horror, when the world's falling to pieceis around you, the best stories are those who stay true to their good nature, especially in its face.

And here, it's done in a... dare I say it... charming way.

Here's to you, Velvet Remedy Rarity. As wonderful here as in the Wasteland.

Love this story.

Sure she doesn't qualify for a Blue? She seems to be spreading a bit of Hope along the way, whether international or not. I'm actually imagining her efforts somehow save Equestria. Like her stubbornness to observe a Holiday dedicated to Hope and Friendship (or at least Getting Along So Nature Don't Kill Us =P) sparks some miracle that will save something of Equestria, even if it doesn't fix everything.

A blue would have been my second choice for her, so yeah, good call. But at the time I made the post, it made sense to me to pick the green. As she said, she faces her greatest nightmare every day, apparently, and overcomes it, which, to me, spoke of her immense willpower and inner strength. There's a tantalizing backstory here, and it's not even the most obvious one--that is, how the hell the Tantabus got loose and turned the world into a living nightmare. I would actually love to learn just exactly what she meant by that comment just a tiny bit more, and what brought Rarity to that point. But if it's possible for her to dual-wield blue and green, there'd be one of each sailing their way towards Equestria right now.

Sorry it took me so long to respond--I suck balls.

It's fine. You should see my inbox on some websites. =P I've procrastinated a lot over the years.

I was wondering who was responsible for turning Equestria into the Nightosphere, :rainbowhuh: then the Tantabus showed up and I was all "Ah". :trollestia:

Luna's code throws exceptions at Rarity's behaviour :rainbowlaugh:

I can't even with you Rarity :rainbowlaugh:

I love this! Was that Tantabus' doing, though? Or is Tantabus just another outcome?

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