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Rarity has an idea; a fantastic idea! If clothing accented with crystals could be made beautiful, clothes made entirely out of crystal would be even more beautiful!

When she began creating them and working on a way to make it happen, she found out the stones were singing to her. Her work beneath Canterlot became not just an exercise in visual beauty, but in sound! As her work continues and near fruition, she brings Sassy with her upon request to see the final product.

Sassy finds it unpleasant. As Rarity continues her work, Sassy begins to question it, and finds out it's not as innocent as she might think.

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Oh fuck. I dunno what that thing was, but whatever Rarity did released it from what I assume was it's prison. Was that thing a Demon, or something else entirely?

Supposed to be like a demon or something, aye.

9241512 The image that comes to my mind is Chernabog from Kingdom Hearts.

That's what I had in my head while writing, so you're not wrong!

I mean, not Kingdom Hearts, Fantasia, but same thing, really.

Holy shit I can't believe rarity tried to murder sassy saddles

“Then,” Rarity continued, “we want to see the gems resonate are a very particularly frequency.”

Erm? :x

I have several questions.

Umm, okay...? Felt a little bit rushed here. You had something going, then you ended up stumbling towards the finish line.

I honestly thought the outfits were going to literally be made from the crystal ponies themselves before reading the story so I'm a bit disappointed (surprised I'm even thinking that since I don't read that much horror stuff to begin with. :rainbowderp:)

And what rough beast, it's hour come round at last, slouches toward Canterlot to be born.

I liked the story, however it felt...bland and lacking.At first, I thought the premise was nice and I wondered what will happen, but at the end I was left with only questions:why would Rarity do that, what are her motives?What is the beast?how did Rarity find it?
I think you need to make a sequel or at least a prequel, otherwise this story feels...incomplete

“Then,” Rarity continued, “we want to see the gems resonate are a very particularly frequency.”

This is a little confusing. Is it meant to say something like: "We want to see gems that are resonating at a very particular frequency." ?

I liked it for the most part. It did feel a little rushed, though towards the end. And I feel Sassy gave in a little too easily and put on the suit. I'm a bit confused overall, but it did make for a good read.

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