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Twilight, being the foremost expert on magic, is no stranger to getting oddities to research and figure out for schools and companies.

But when she gets a device meant to help pegasus and unicorn ponies find prime places to plant and farm, she finds something she wasn't quite expecting.

Maybe it has to do with a familiar trio of apples serving as a company logo...

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A compilation (done with permission) of the following group: The Mailbox

The Mane Six have left Ponyville for the summer, each traveling to a different part of Equestria for different reasons. But a few months and a little distance can't stop their friendship!
This book collects the letters they send back and forth, telling each other about the new places they go and new ponies they meet, comforting each other when they get lonely or homesick, and keeping the spirit of friendship alive.

Rated Teen Sex for alcohol references and some innuendo.

Be sure to check out the Cast, Crew, and Extras chapter for links and titles of the side stories!

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When the overworked unicorn Fabric Detail stops hanging out with his good friends, they take notice.
Could a simple conversation be all that's needed to break the funk?
Coauthored with ArtĀ Inspired.
Edited by TheAspiringWriter93.

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"Whoever holds the pen, writes the books."

Truer words have never been spoken. No matter what happens, words will always be used to describe the event.

They are in spells. In the air. The seas. They are everywhere.

Should one master the art of words, they can alter the universe itself.

(Despite being a tag.. Human actually has little to with the actual story.)

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Chrysalis is more cunning than you'd think. It was never her intention to succeed in her invasion.

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What if Twilight was never meant to become an alicorn through friendship?
What if she wasn't meant to help reform Discord?
What if King Sombra was to return to power?

A dark destiny awaits you now, Twilight. You weren't prepared for this.

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A small note is written on the inside cover of the book:

"This book is completely true. Everything I have experienced is recorded here. I have finally come to the end and have only one hope: That the truth becomes known to all.

Judge me however you wish. All I ask is an open mind.

~SS the B"

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