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Back from BUCK 2013! · 9:34am Aug 26th, 2013

Hello, My few Followers!

I'm back from BUCK 2013! In Manchester UK and it was a very fun time
I got to see all sorts of awesome things and so much cosplay!.....so very Much...

I learn't the hard way that a Wallet can not hold your Money well in a Ponycon. I personally spent enough.
but my friend spend well other £300. Hell alot of people spent well over £600 on Merch alone.... All that matters to me though is i got my Season 1 Binder and Derpy Promo Card :)

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371340 No trouble at all, Thank you for a good story, i cant wait for more in the future :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the fav

Thank's for the Welcome!
if ya don't mind me asking how is the "whats in a name" story coming along, been waiting days and only just took the courage to create an account,

Thanks again:

Hmm, a nice clean wall. *mess mess mess*

Thank ya kindly for watching me and my story, and welcome to FimFiction!

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