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Scootaloo grew up at an orphanage ran by Gerda. The old hag had clipped Scootaloo's wings last time she tried to escape. Now, under cover of darkness years later, she has finally escaped and boarded a train to Ponyville. Will she stop running from her past long enough to enjoy her new life?

A slice of life story that will follow Scootaloo from orphan to daredevil, from the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Dash teaching her to fly, and beyond!

This story is lightly self-edited and I'm aiming for a pace of a short chapter a day. It keeps me busy while my editors work on my other, more "serious" stories

Warning: This story contains way too many cheesy pop culture references, and horrible title puns. They're my guilty pleasure.

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sweet Eos you must keep writing, i beg ya not to let this fall to the wayside like so many other stories i've read.

nice job keep up the good work

Every once in awhile, one might stumble upon a story that is hard to make a comment on that isn't showering the writer with praise because they can't find a single thing wrong to talk about. This is one of those glorious times in history.

2099966 I plan to keep writing until I've exhausted every possible Scootaloo scenario. :scootangel:

2101821 Thank you

good work but the cupcakes were burnt to hell under the frosting not spicy lol

2102897 that's right, I should have watched the whole episode. On the bright side, at least Pinkie seemed to enjoy them.
(went in and fixed it, that's what I get for paralleling an episode w/o watching the whole thing.)

I have not read a story in a while that depicts her venture into Ponyville. I must say you did have some fresh ideas there.

Cute story so far, please go on.

2105406 Thanks. I've read stories that reference her as an orphan in Ponyville (End of Ponies referenced some good Scootalorphan scenes.) Her escape to Ponyville was brief, but the past will catch up with her at the end of the first major story arc. Then I'll move on to my second arc, and hopefully think of a third by then. I've always wanted to see Scootaloo as a wonderbolt. . .
:rainbowdetermined2: :scootangel:

Still a cute story, MOAR :flutterrage: please

i like the curint pace stick with it!!:scootangel: and sorry about my spelling, i wish i had an editor for every day life:twilightsheepish:

i like the detail so keep up the pace im running ot of sotries used to i log on each day and have 4 updates min now im lucky to have 2 a week sigh it seems the fan base is moving on :fluttercry:

2109915 Definitely. :rainbowdetermined2:
2110506 What would we do without Google to spell-check for us? :pinkiehappy:

2110814 I seem to see authors start out quickly, then slow down as quality becomes more important. I think that's impacting updates, so are author's burning out. I don't think the fandom will die yet, we have 26 episodes coming for season 4. :) I'm only updating my other story once a week at best because I have to wait for editors to ensure quality. That's why I have Scootaloo here to write about. Lots of fast updates, and practice self-editing my stories.

I feel you though, all my favorite stories are also updating once a week. Have you tried "Background Pony" and "End of Ponies" by ShortSkirts&Explosions? The first is a Lyra story, the second a Scootaloo one. Both have a 400k+ word count, both are completed. They kept me busy while I waited for updates. "The Immortal Game" is a great adventure story, also 400k+ words, and amazing if you don't mind the mane six literally fighting in a rebellion against the old gods of Equestria. Pinkie's like some sort of freaking Assassin's Creed / Ninja / Court Jester, quite entertaining. You can also check out "Asylum." It has nice slow pacing and five 8k word chapters about Twilight waking up in an insane asylum. I know the author and I'm sure it'll stay awesome.


Oh no, there's absolutely no way we could guess what's coming next. (Though I'm reminded of a Fluttershy adopts Scootaloo fic I started writing once...)


Yeah I can kind of figure it out but depending on what will happen I would put a sad tag...Unless s- oops they are that kind and don't turn Scootaloo in, otherwise we are getting some clipped feathers...

so within the first two paragraphs scoots both saw the slender-mane and evoked Murphy's law? this might not end well.......

2114812 Yeah I've been flirting with Sad, but that's to contrast the happy moments that are too come. I wrote this story because all I see are Scootasad stories, and she can't be Scootahappy until she confronts the things haunting her: Gerda, being an orphan, and believing she can do everything on her own. (And that's just the first major story arc.) I don't want to spoil the next chapter, but it will be Scootahappy. :pinkiegasp:

2115847 I'm helpless to resist references, I'd have to check my favorites but in one story Scootaloo's parents were slenderman / woman. Also, who could go into a dark forest and not think they saw slendermare at this point? :twilightsheepish:

p.s. who can resist spoiler tags? Taunting you to reveal their secrets. Give in to the temptation :trollestia:

2114796 Foiled again by the internet. :fluttershyouch:

Good... Cause my upcoming story is Scootasad before happy lol. 2116407

2116820 Let me know if you have any questions when you start writing it. I'll freely share my knowledge, as that's how I learned to write :pinkiehappy:

well what happened to chap 6 :rainbowlaugh: now now i know you want to get one out a day but you must not skip :ajsmug:

question about this chapter. did Scootaloo complete the story including the orphanage or end with the flash back?

2118461 Monty Python reference, there is no six. I told you the next title pun was a bad one :pinkiehappy:
Also, if you were trolling me then well played :trollestia:

2118619 I'll clear that up by changing the wording. Though Scootaloo told Fluttershy about suffering at the orphanage, I'm spreading out the backstory through the chapters so the readers get to slowly piece it together. (I have to keep you coming back for more :twilightsheepish: )

And thus Scootaloo is saved by the true hero in this story... Smokey the Timberwolf slayer! :pinkiegasp:

2118653 ok that helps it just seemed that her response was very muted from what you would think she would react considering she to has wings, and having them clipped is probably a huge fear for pegasi.

2118653 if sacrasem is trolling then i was but i am no troll, ive never watched monty so thats why i didnt get it

Baloo sound's familiar... *One Google search later* Ah, Jungle Book. Not as good as the Grand Old Adventures of Smokey J. Bear, but not as bad as Grand Young Adventures of Smokey J. Bear Jr. :trixieshiftleft:

How did Scootaloo end up at the orphanage in the first place? Did the orphanage ever try to contact Scoot's aunt? Why didn't the aunt do more? How did the parents die? All this and more answered next time on... On... Uh, ScootaFlutaSuperHappyFunTime?

2118796 only YOU can prevent forest fires. So get off fimfiction, and get to work!

2118797 Yes, I was going to expand on that later as well as have Scootaloo learn how to preen, seeing as how she never had to before. The wing clipping is considered a barbaric act, and part of the reason she hasn't learned to fly yet.

2118822 It's not trolling to be sarcastic. No one watches Monty Python anymore so I didn't think many people would get it. I went with it anyway to have fun with all the 'what happened to chapter 6' comments :twilightblush:

2118827 Yep. I was thinking that the Aunt just didn't want her, then I remembered that Gerda is evil and I had other ideas. Once Scootaloo is in the happier chapters, I'll reveal the darker parts of her past. :trixieshiftright:

This is also my first time telling a character's backstory entirely by flashbacks. It's quite interesting to pick and choose which bits to reveal and in which order.


2118914 :pinkiegasp: I watch Monty Python ALL THE TIME!

My favourite part is Scootaloo's dark past, especially the unicorn filly who helped her in her first escape attempt. Gerda sawed off her horn as she "screamed and screamed." Those don't grow back, do they? The timberwolves were awesome as well.

The plot thickens! Just remember, three can keep a secret if two are dead!


2120662 Yes, I'm not the only one. I still feel old for being able to remember the show...

2121839 I'm leaning towards they do grow back, it just takes a long time. If it's anything like a fingernail, and is all keratin, then it would grow back as long as the quick wasn't damaged. Either way, I have a feeling we'll see that unicorn again. Gerda doesn't strike me as a pony who lets things go...

2122952 Thanks, I really wanted to get to the part where Dash adopts her for valentine's day. Once I started writing it, it got really sad really fast. But it ended happy, and all's well that ends well. If only I had a drawing of Dash with Scootaloo curled up in a ball sleeping on her back. :scootangel:

So, I would assume that Celestia, after signing those papers, took fifty of her closest guard ponies on a snap inspection of the orphanage. After personally taking with a few colt and fillies an arrest warrant will be issued for a certain mare almost immediately after? Followed by an expanding list of abuse charges? Here's hoping. I mean equstria is a absolute diarchy, suspicions directed form the Element of Harmony should be more than enough to bring her majesty to act.

Lovely work. Keep it coming.

2123311 That makes sense, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun to read if Celestia caught her instantly and without repercussion. Gerda has dealt with the guards before, so even if Celestia is waiting for her at the orphanage, she would have put a contingency plan in place before leaving for Ponyville. Also, Gerda knows Celestia was involved in the adoption of an abused filly, so she's unlikely to return immediately to Canterlot.

Whew that was hard to answer without being too spoiler-y. I might as well just tell you that the cake is a lie. :trollestia:

I might be able to find you one... or commission one maybe. I would do a order a drawing for each story I like but they get expensive fast :twilightoops: 2123184

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