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So, I write about ponies...


Scootaloo was alone. She had been for her whole life, but even a rejection from her idol, Rainbow Dash, hurt so much.

Now, will she stay alone? Or will everybody's favorite DJ pony give her the love and care she deserves?

And... this is what happens when you spend a whole day reading stories about two of your favorite characters.
And why do I always have to write sad things? Oh well. Enjoy! : )

Awesome pic by Berry Punch!

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This is one of those short stories that just doesn't get recognized as much as it probably should and that is a complete shame.
Seeing Vinyl in as a more mature mare was a definite plus and I rather enjoyed it.

Its nice to see a touching story for a change rather than clop and other senseless frivolity. Keep it up.

Just finished the first chapter.
It was brilliant! I found absolutely NOTHING wrong with it! This deserves a feature. And you deserve a watch, my good sir! :heart:

But let me read the rest first though.

I almost cried at how much beauty this story had.

Great chapter! A watch and a moustache for you! :moustache:

Just astounding. Simply.

Among the best sad stories that i have read. Not THE best, mind you, but still. There were some typos (Maybe two or so) that I noticed. I'd quote them but that would require effort.:rainbowwild: That was the only thing that I noticed wrong about the story.
And you are right, the story did climax at chapter 2. That's OK though! I'm just glad that chpt.3 existed, if just for

‘My little girl,’ Vinyl thought with a smile. ‘My little DJ.’

Also I think that all three of the chapters end alike just makes it more enjoyable. And you did that on accident?

You as an author and this story in itself should be recognized. Because they have the potential for fame.

Very nice, I saw this story on the main page and was glad I read it. :pinkiegasp:

So much D'aww in this chapter.
I won't be able to read chapter 3 for a few hours, but I hope she makes up with RD.

A little rough around the edges, but still, very nice. Much as I like the traditional pairing of Vinyl with Octavia, it's a pleasant change to see everyone's favorite DJ in a different context.

"Vinyl snapped back angrily in return before thinking about what she was saying. “Well then go cry about it to your freaking mommy-?!”


Her hoof shot up to her muzzle, but she couldn’t stop herself soon enough.

Scootaloo said nothing, but glared at Vinyl with tears coming to her eyes."

Annnnnnnnd it's gone.

Always good to see some scootalove! also very odd pairing, but you pull it off really well. Keep up the good work and adaww-able characterizations!

' you want to the park or something to see it?' missed a word or two other than that stellar 2nd chapter

This was really similar to another good story, Life in a Slower Lane. That said, I liked it. You've got something above average and I can definitely see you getting better in the future.


Why are these fictions the LEAST seen?

Beautiful story, I loved it so much. I really can't wait to see more great work like this from you. It's a pity this story is just so under-appreciated!

Maybe consider sending it into EQD? If it's accepted, this story will certainly get more views.

A wonderful new and sweet original and lovely story. Yes, I forgot on purpose all the commas :>
I'm glad I found and read this. It's truly beautiful!
Take my watch!

Blue eyed Scratch?
.... I could get used to this.

Was expecting lame MLD rip off.

I was wrong. Good fucking job! :pinkiehappy:

I don't think i have ever seen Scoot's paired with Vinyl. :pinkiegasp:
This is really sweet though! Awesome story! :scootangel:

For a second there i thought I found a story that you hadn't commented on.

Has best pony, also has Scoots, I'm in.

Cover pic is off. VS has blood/ruby red eyes, not sky blue. :facehoof:


At first, I thought I'd dislike this fic because of the "sad" Tag. :twilightblush:
But this was god damn adorable. :yay:
Definatly showing this to my friend, a big vinyl fan.

Wow a good comment from Regidar. I'm honored :twilightsheepish:

I know that. I even put that in the story, but it's pretty much impossible to find a picture with Vinyl and Scoots. So... yep... :scootangel:

Yeah, I didn't expect it to be th best, but I had to try :raritywink: Personally my favorite is 'Together In The End'.

And I agree that chapter 2 had the best climax, but I had to end it somehow :twilightsmile:

Brilliant!This story is Going off Great!.

Blast, I'd thought this was another story with Scootaloo-Vinyl bonding (the emotional kind, not the... other). Ah well, still seems brilliant.
Keep up the good work!

Read the story and all I have to say is, feels. Feels, everywhere...:fluttercry:
I love it!

this was fantastic. I loved this to death. the plot was new and existing.the only real problem was it was to short and a little rushed if it was longer you could have done so so much with this.

But I still loved it!

thank you for writing it.

Well I have a mistake for you here.

Eventually, the sobs began to subside and she began to calm down, but still clinged to Vinyl.

Should be clung.
Other than that, this story used up my insilin shot reserves. If you have any, please give me some.

Oooooohhhh. That makes sense. Thank you :twilightsmile:

And I use some more corrections on the grammar guys Microsoft Word isn't really the best editor. :raritywink:

THE FEELS, but i cracked up when you said sweats, i hope you mean sweets.

Don't worry. I'm pretty sure I meant sweets :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmmmm, my story needs more feels *schedules for ch.4* very touching, how did you know vinyl is best BG pony?

1710438 2nd best overall, after rainbow

My feels have been overwhelmed.

Huh, well this was certainly a different take on Vinyl. I really liked it. I liked it so much I was able to overlook the kind of negative like Rainbow Dash had in this story. Rainbow Dash is best pony. Anyways, great story and I look forward to seeing what other stories you might have!


This is more sad than delivering hope in Halo Reach. Great job!

Sometimes, I wish I could listen to the songs in here.

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