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The doctor pronounced it officially: Scootaloo will never fly. However, Rainbow Dash and Applejack introduce her to another pony who has a story they hope Scootaloo can relate to.

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As both a fan of Scootaloo and Vinyl Scratch I heartily approve of this story.

Very nice! And an interesting idea that Redheart was a Royal Guard.

DORADO #3 · 1 week ago · · ·

You know, I hate that idea, that "somepony will never x, medicine can't help". Seriously, what about Twilight? She's a fucking alicorn, she gave wings to Rarity even when she wasn't. And what about Discord, who can make pigs fly with a snap of his fingers?

Still a good story.

I definitely approve. While I'm not a fan of the idea of the idea not even a goddess like Celestia being unable to help, as that just seems like forced power lossage for a plot, everything on in -including the interesting ideas behind Vinyl and Redheart's pasts- is definitely worth the read.

This is a sweet story.

Well, a FiMFiction tale officially made me tear up... :pinkiesad2:
As a big fan of both these ponies, I've always held out hope that one day Scoots will fly, and that Vinyl simply doesn't talk much/hasn't yet on camera, but I gotta say, I loved this story regardless.
Only a few minor errors still remain; I'd focus on cleaning up that run-on sentence where Vinyl's accident is described, but it was still extremely descriptive... especially the unnerving medical procedure that followed. Great job! I actually learned something new from that!
It's also a really touching piece about moving on from one's disabilities and not letting it define them, as well as accepting those who are disabled. I think the message here would make Lauren Faust proud. :scootangel:

Also, part of me really wants to know what the "whoopie cushion incident" was... care to explain, Rainbow Dash? :rainbowhuh:

I'd also kinda like to know how things might go down if Vinyl stopped by the hospital, now that she's grown, to thank Nurse Redheart. :twilightblush::heart:

What I liked most about this was how Redheart and the other soldiers were portrayed. Redheart as a vet is an interesting idea, and the thought of her dealing with this as a rookie fresh out of basic is a poignant one. That she kept her cool until she could spare a moment to vomit is something I've heard many times from soldiers. They train you so that you lose your crap afterwards when it's safe to do so.

Is this your first story here? If so, well done. Redheart being a Guard is an interesting idea I haven't seen before.

Thanks to all. I agree with the “Celestia could,” but set myself the opposite initial condition for the purposes of the exercise. I was pleased with this for something I banged out in the Sky Club during a long layover...

Yes, first story. Thanks.

If I can think of a whopee cushion incident, I’ll be sure to write it up. For now, it’s just a Noodle Incident.

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