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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Pronouns: RB/19)



Being a pony from a human world is hard. Being a Queen's officer is harder.

No need to be familiar with the crossover source material ahead of time.

Thanks to Sledge115 and Raleigh for pre-reads, and various Discord denizens for idea bouncing.

Sequel: Fusion.

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Fascinating stuff. I admit, I did get a bit of dark amusement about a pony angsting over being created as a toy. I know, it's a euphemism for something truly horrible, but the meta aspect still got a smirk.

In any case, very nice work in both characterization and establishing the world for those of us unfamiliar with it. I especially like all the subtle and gross inconveniences ponies have to deal with on a human ship due to being such an incredible minority. Really says something about how the Navy isn't accustomed to being a multispecies outfit.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is that, for all the differences, this still feels like Dash and Trixie. Yes, they've had very different upbringings, and it shows. But these still feel like those characters at their cores. Thank you for this.

As always, much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time.

Slagging Mesa, speaking of places that could only be improved by a brisk orbital bombardment...

Good story mate, I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

I've wanted to write in this universe for years, but it only came together when I had a vision of Dash sticking out her tongue.

Finding an "Honor Harrington" Fic here was a mild surprise. But damn you really managed to capture the universe and now I kinda want to read the entire Honor Harrington-Saga with MLP Crossover.

Good job love it

Honor Harrington yes. One of my all time favorite book series.
Great characterization, love how well you integrated the characters into the Honor verse, would love to see more of it.
Wonder what the Equestrian ships would be like in terms of Honor verse. Ponies still have magic, so that gives them a number of options in space combat if they are properly developed.
Full fledged magical shielding to close the gaps of the wedges. Electrical storm generation for point defense. Full cloaking technology, so much that could be done with properly developed magic and would be an interesting challenge.
Thank you for this small but awesome entry.

Interesting. I would love to see how first contact went in this crossover of yours. I wonder if a cat would adopt any of the Alicorns and how they would react to ponies.

Keep up the good work.

Truly one of my favorite sci fi series and to find it here really made my day. Absolutely enjoyed the story.

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An Honorverse crossover? Never expected to see one of those, I will definitely have to take a look at this.

It's a real shame this was created as a one-shot. You've set enough groundwork here to make a very interesting universe to read, and I would have loved to read it.

Great work!

Big thanks!

there's plenty more material for expansion, if I can think of a character arc to build it within... I like this Dash.


Possibilities for exploration:
How Equestria became involved in the larger galaxy as a whole. How does the Equus star system work in this universe? Is that what drew the interstellar powers to the system, or merely something like the search for raw resources?
How has Celestia handled being on the galactic stage.. if she exists here, that is.
If the other Dash's ever encounter each other.
Where did RD's name come from? Did it come from her cloners, or her adoptive parents?
Exploring how the others of the Mane Six might fit into this expanded universe.
Does the planet Equestria itself have any starships of their own, or are they merely part of a greater whole (a state in a union/alliance).

Those are off the top of my head. *shrugs*

Well done.

Also, I NEED more of this.


This... is a crossover I did not expect, and somehow it works. I would LOVE to see more of this.

Interesting. Feels like Dash's background has this teetering on the edge of an M rating. I'm not familiar with the Honorverse beyond having seen ads for the books in the backs of paperback novels, so I'll say you did a pretty good job of making it accessible.
One question, though: what is 1.5 meters in a 1.5 meter graser? Can't be the wavelength, because that's solidly in radio wave territory.

Happy to see this up :twilightsmile: I really enjoyed the slice of life feel of it, really pulls you into the world without being familiar with it in the first place.

Oh, you hit a sweet spot with this one, backwards or forwards. Never mind there might still be the original Dash around AND clone-sibs.

We need more of this, really!

To be at least somewhat fair, it's not so much Mesa itself that's the problem, but rather Manpower and its assorted appendages (to say nothing of the conspiracy that's actually running the show).

If I remember right the graser is a Short range laser cannon that operates in the gama ray wavelength. The 1.5 meters is how big the emitter is but I can't remember if they measure radius or diameter of the thing.

Ah, thanks. I knew it was a gamma-ray laser, but that was it.

The 1.5 meters is the diameter of the Focusing "lens" of a Gravity controlled X-ray laser. In the Case of an LAC it's built along the spine/keel of the craft.

I didn't read the source material but I'd rather start with whatever plans you may have to expand this. If you don't, well, it was a brilliant one-shot. Thank you for the read; and I hope, should you have genuine interest, you choose to go somewhere with this setting.

Heh I may have ruined my experience reading sci-fi stories stories after I’ve watched and read The Expanse. All I can think of while reading this is all of the fantasy tropes such as warping, absence of g forces, magical gravity, shields, using fighters for some reason, etc. I know that this is just all part of the Honorverse, I just can’t stop thinking about how cool it would be in a more tactical and realistic situation with combat happening at high speeds and great distances with importance of orbital mechanics and momentum.

True, but glassing Mesa would be a very good start.

This is... weirdly compelling. Goddamn Mesans, they would. Given how bad they want treecats, though, I'm a little alarmed by the notion that they've already picked up, say, unicorns.

I bet they want to get their claws on an alicorn even more than they want a treecat.

I am, a huge fan of the Harrington series. And I have to say that this is one of the better fanfics I've read of that universe in any context.

I am VERY hopeful you decide to continue this story or continue to write in this universe because you definitely have the tone of it down properly along with maintaining how ponies would behave in these circumstances.

Oh, someone else knows Honor Harrington.
Honestly, it's a bit too dark a universe for ponies to be enjoyable.
Constant war, every battle will kill friends in the thousands, with the largest battles having casualties in the millions against enemies who are not evil.

Anyway, a well written entry.

You don't get more realistic and tactical than Honor Harrington, if you allow for how gravity works in that universe.

*tries to count the number of times I have re-read the honor series and loses track at 30ish*

You know. you may want to think about expanding this story. or starting another one based on it.

How the hell is honor harrington a tag?

The "fighters" in the honorverse are what are known as Light Attack Craft or LACs for short. They are primarily used as system patrol and defense at the start of the main book series, book two sees the first hints at what they will become in later books. Book six is where we see them start to be used in the "fighter" role as a means of giving a Q-ship more punch, from there it was a natural progression to large scale carriers.

Edit: Another thing is that the LACs and the smallest hyper(FTL) capable ships are the same size but the courier ships are unarmed because they barely have room for their crew and the energy storage needed to cross the hyper-wall let alone weapons.

Seeing this crossover is amusing to me as I'm in the middle of listening to the audible books, and finished the sixth one literally minutes before finding this

You know, she says she potentially has five clones out there. Is there anything saying they have to look exactly like her? A neat yet terrible way to introduce five others.

Beyond that, I wonder what Nightmare Moon was or is like in this universe. Or if she hasn't shown up yet assuming she exists.

I would absolutely love to see more of this, especially Dash's human parents, the ceremony where she gets her very first medal...

I could go on.

TBH, Honorverse is more military-space-opera than hard SF.

But it's still pretty good.

Well, they've been trying to capture a treecat.

They could have just invited a pony to come visit...

That and whenever they go full fanfic (rather than just pony) they'll have the tags ready.

It does a pretty good job of extrapolating realistically on the unrealistic tech that's part of the premise.

And for as far in the future as it's set, having only tech that we think is realistic would be very unrealistic. :derpytongue2:


This is different...

I read the books. Wasn't too keen afterwards, because Harrington is SO 'Mary Sue', like an Alicorn OC...

But if you can keep it out of that, make it about the troops, then I'm game for it...

Series I never got round to starting. Maybe have to add it to the list.

Having recently finished rereading the Harrington series, all I can say is Dash is in dire need of a treecat...and I hope she finds one soon! ;D

Clear skies!


Mesans. Scum of the Galaxy. So glad when there planet was nuked to hell. Just wish it hadnt been by there own hand. If you write more in this universe I would read the hell out of it.

I've read "On Basilisk Station" and I've even liked it enough, but I got too much of a mary sue-ish vibe from the protagonist to continue the serie.

I still hope you write more of this. I'd gladly read it.


Eh, LACs are more like torpedo boats than fighters. Plus, combat range is usually measured in the millions of kilometres.

In any case, I like how Dash relies on her sense of smell. A lot of authors just treat ponies (and other aliens) as being slightly different humans.

Can I guess that Rainbow Dash don't know equestrian?

A fat lazy one named Tank.

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