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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside.


This story is a sequel to Destroyed in a Flurry

(Reading the prequel is not necessary.)

Shining Armor and Sunburst take Flurry Heart to Earth to visit Disney World. Disney isn't ready for this princess.

With prereads by Sledge115 and Nitro Indigo. Cover art by Pabbles by commission; GIMP'd over the Disney stock photo by me.

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Luna and Luna save the CMCs and the CMCs.

An entry to the "Most Delightful Ponidox" contest.

Thanks to Nitro Indigo and Sledge115 for pre-reading and the Discord crew for comments.

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Cozy Glow is missing. Detective Luna is on the case.

Inspired by the Cozy Glow contest, but doesn't adhere to their rules so ūüėĚ. Here it is anyway.

Heyyyyyyy! Peaked at number one in the feature box! Thanks, everypony!

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A nurse has seen it all. A combat medic has seen even more.

Princess Celestia sends her elite Household Battalion‚ÄĒ"Celestia's Own"‚ÄĒsouth, far beyond the borders of Equestria, to break the slave trade and to free the oppressed. Medic Redheart, a young rookie among the Guard's hardened veterans, is with her Battalion every step of the way.

She's never told anypony her story. Until now.

A side story/prequel to my The Ponies in the Caves and A Story to Relate To, but reads independently.

This story is fantastic. There wasn't a single chapter that didn't give me chills or bring a tear to my eye. The way you describe the selflessness of the soldiers, and Redheart's unrelenting drive to save them, no matter the personal cost, was exemplary. I look forward to more of your work.


Has a Black Company feel to it with the medic POV. Great story so far!


Cover art by Pabbles, by commission. Thanks!

With massive thanks to the folks in the Discord for comments and advice, and Totallynotabrony, Raleigh, Sledge115, and ChudoJogurt for detailed pre-reading, in whole or in part. Any remaining errors are fully my own.

Author's notes and commentary blog, with big spoilers.

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Diamond Tiara enters the Running of the Leaves. She wants Rainbow Dash to coach her. She gets Discord instead.

Set a year or two after the main series, but contains no spoilers. An entry to the Season 10 Bingo Contest. Prompt is in the author's note at the end.

Big thanks to RCharge for editing and Gingerquill for a pre-read!

Awarded a "Judge's Choice" in the contest! Hype!

Out Of The Running really expands on The Running Of The Leaves... Add that with kirin beginning to mingle in Ponyville, Diamond Tiara wanting to run, a drought, and Discord, and you have a winning formula... Overall, I absolutely adored this story and I'm glad that it was entered in this contest.


Cover art: https://derpibooru.org/images/1944253

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Pegasus Pizza: Delivered in thirty minutes or less, directly to your GPS location!

An entry to Admiral Biscuit's not-a-contest for ponies with day jobs on Earth.

Now with an audio reading from StraightToThePointStudios! Big thanks!

Wow! Hit number one in the feature box while still number one in the new column! (Achievement unlocked?) Thanks for the comments and the votes, everyone, I love you!

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After a Friendship Map mission runs long, Rarity and Twilight find themselves stranded on a train in a blizzard far from their homes and families.

This was written for Undome Tinwe as a part of Jinglemas 2019! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

Prompt was Rarity and Twilight.

Cover art: https://www.deviantart.com/lpbrennan/art/Night-Train-in-Snow-148935877

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It's been six months since Rarity and Rainbow Dash were married. It's been six months since Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents passed away. 

It's been six months since Rarity and Rainbow Dash took in Sweetie Belle. 

Will Hearth's Warming make or break their fragile new family?

Winner of the Holiday Contest!

Now, this story deserved the Grand Prize. Everything good that could be in a story, is in this story. There’s hurt, there’s comfort, there’s awwww-moments, there’s ouch,ouch,ouch-moments, an ending that will leave you in tears for a good hour… And the unexpected little twists that, as a Rainbow fan, I absolutely loved. A fall? Addiction? Her fears of another; her fears of somepony else following in her hoofsteps? Beautiful.

Cover art: https://raridashdoodles.tumblr.com/post/181035514979/hearths-warming, by the incomparable RariDashDoodles.

Not related to any of my other stories. Published on my one-year anniversary here at Fimfiction!

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Dr. Minuette will treat any patient. Even Cozy Glow. Even if dentists don't usually do Tartarus calls...

Set sometime between Seasons 8 and 9. Inspired by the old fan name for Minuette, "Colgate the Dentist."

Cover art: https://derpibooru.org/891971

"Yowza," as Minuette would say. Hit #1 in the feature box! Featured 26-30 November, 2019. Thanks, everypony!

Hey! My first Equestria Daily feature, 23 March 2020!

A Night In Tartarus takes a comedy fic premise‚ÄĒColgate giving Cozy an oral checkup‚ÄĒand decides to play it dead serious.


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Scootaloo races Formula One on Earth. How do you even drive a race car with hooves?

Inspired in equal parts by conversations with Raleigh, Viking ZX, Cereal-Killer, Mitch H, and TCC56 on the Discord, and by Admiral Biscuit's not-a-contest for Ponies with day jobs on Earth.

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