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The Bricklayer

Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (Any Pronouns)


It's been several years since Nightingale Solstice graduated from high school, actually. On a whim, he finds himself wandering into a strip club. What he did not expect however was who was on stage, with faint hormone-addled feelings buried since before graduation becoming embers once more.

A few weeks later, he finds himself needing a hot date for a party. Dare he pick up that phone, and ask for her help? Oh boy.

Basically, an excuse to write a story focused on sex work that does *not* delve into M-Rated territory, no romance for once. Just friendship. Written for CategoricalGrant's 2021 Cuddlefic Contest.

Proofread by my good friend and sister in all but blood Nailah along with armid.

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Where could I find a link to the *possibly* full image?

If you roll over the image, it should show a link to the source

This is a sexy but very classy tale. You wrote Sunset very well and I enjoyed how you showed her as a seductive woman and a caring friend.

Well done, Bricklayer!

If you play the song "Power Trip" by J. Cole and Miguel while reading this, it feels like a music video.

Good job, man.

Franzia or Stag’s Leap: Irrelevant, as long as it’s a Cab.

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