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How hard can writing novels be, anyway?


This story did not explode! What a relief and/or letdown.

Part of OPERATION CRACKFIC STORM 2024 ( group | stories ).

Thanks to Silk Rose for coming up with the idea, writing chapters 22 and 9, and developing the code; thanks also to Meadowsys for general code help.

Thanks to IrradiatedPirateBooty ( tumblr ) for the awesome character art.

And thanks to everyone in the comments who stuck around for the final countdown!

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quick! somepony eat the bomb!

Get Pinkie and Discord in on this! They can meta-delete the bomb from the omniverse for all seven eternities!

No, I don't have to make sense sometimes! Shut up and get the plasmo-catcher!

DO NOT WAKE UP! DO NOT WAKE UP! :pinkiecrazy:

One reclamation of sanity later...

Okay, I'm good. Not sure why this story prompted... THAT when it did!


Do something, Twilight. Don't just look.


I knew I should've paid attention to bomb disarming back in uni...

A two-dimensional... thing is floating in the sky as it counts down to the end...

Okay, now I'm thinking Discord is behind this!

This strange fic has earned a favorite from me. At least until it explodes.

Oh, this is fascinating. Looking forward to more as the fuse burns down.

Damn, PseudoBob back at it again with the creative crackfics.

I'm just ashamed I put this in my writing inspo folder before I realized the gimmick.

As one might expect, a very quintessentially "Pinkie" response to the dilemma.

Also, the title's timer actually counting down with each passing minute has no right to be as cool as it is. Impressive stuff!

For future reference (if possible, depending on the nature of the actual explosion), said timer was at 21:56 at the time of typing.

Love this. Really fun idea!! :raritystarry:

Only just noticed that myself (timer's now at 21:53). I'm trying to figure it out how they're doing it--surely not by manually updating the story's title every minute themselves, right? That seems like it'd get awfully tedious fast.

21:45 for me, and I think it has to do with code of some kind

Inclined to doubt it's manual; PseudoBob was listed as offline for a couple minutes, at least on my end (also assuming I didn't miss a check-in while I was in-between refreshes), and the title's been updating regardless. In that case, I'd wager it's a site-side script of some sort.

(Currently at 21:42!)

EDIT: Seems I missed this before, but the description mentions that Silk Rose wrote all the code. Hats off to them!

Pinkie tossed a heavy box onto the floor, marked on the side in military stencil: Exploding Story Confetti. "Never ask why, young Twilight," she said sagely. "Ask: why not?"

The only proper response of course. There is no why. Only why not.


We're talking about an author who wielded the barely-used opacity tag last year and made a largely-invisible crackfic. Personally, I've stopped asking and resorted to the answer of "I don't know, but it's some sort of genius technological mastery at work."

Too bad Pinkie wasn't as helpful as she hoped. At least there's confetti!

Comment posted by Seamserb deleted April 1st

Then you'll just have an exploded pony! Or a pony farting fire...or Spike doing it, maybe he could handle it.

I'd missed that as well, so I suppose that explains that. I'd figured some sort of code would've had to have been at play though, because, again, manually doing it would be too tedious to be worth it.

Though now I'm wondering if they've got the code to auto-publish chapters every hour too. I mean, might as well at that point, right?

It's been fun seeing the email notices appear in my inbox tagged for this story, given how the time in the title is different every time. Not something you see every day, y'know?

(20:37 now)

That was amazinggg

Yep that's Rainbow Dash 😂. Gotta give her credit thought, that's the most anypony's actually done about this thing so far

Wow, this is awesome! I can't imagine how the title is changing every 60 seconds. I wonder what will happen Monday evening (April Fool's Day) at 7pm Central time, when it hits "0." I'll have to download the story before that happens.

I've also never seen a story updating this frequently. Let's see how late I can stay up. (It's 11pm now.)

Edit: This is the top featured story on Fimfic right now. Cool. :coolphoto:

This story idea is either utter madness or total genius, and thankfully those two terms are often the same.

11865307, 11865315
The site has an API, which I know Silk Rose uses (they use their bio to promote other authors' stories on a rotating schedule), so that can be used to update the story's title via coding. And if you're already using the API, setting up the code to run every minute is trivial.

Comment posted by megabyte97 deleted April 1st

Will the art go down to 19 when chapter 19 is posted?

Nuuu, not Flutters!

Why's her left wing red?

Okay, I've yet to come across a fic that uses the site itself as part of the story. This is absolute bonkers, yet fantastic.


"Yes." Twilight said. "I'm not sure how you trailed off into an interrobang, but yes. Nineteen hours."

?! is being used for an Interrobang?
Are we going to stand for this evasion of punctuation‽ :flutterrage:

The dark art of shading...

I'm pretty sure it's the perspective. The 'red' part is the underside of her wing and is shaded.

Sometimes drawwings look weird on first glance.

The in chapter story description currently says "Still a ways away, but I wouldn't stick around if I were you." Am i mistaken or did that say something different at the start? It's a shame I need to head to bed, its really entertaining checking back in to see whats changed.

Same here, wolf guy. The sleep beckons, but I don't wanna leave!
But I must.:fluttershysad:

I could've sworn meta fics were banned, but I'll just sit back and enjoy my popcorn.

I just noticed that, too! When I found this story two hours ago, it said "Sounds pretty serious!"

I also need to go to bed, but I don't wanna!!

What, no artwork? Pfft.

"Who's Scootaloo?"


...I think I know why the story explodes now...

Time of writing Timer: 17:40

It does make sense if it is those 3...


Oh my stars, this is so exciting!

Timer showing 17:02 at the time of commenting.

Can't tell if this is a fake out or those three actually won't make the story explode...

Oh well... we'll see in...


Hmmm, the mystery deepens.... :scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie: :trixieshiftright:

I'm calling it now, the Twist is This whole story is an April Fools joke on us and the characters in the story and nothing is actually going to explode.

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